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William Dewsnappe: probate 18th December 1587

In the name of god. Amen. The 13th Day of Aprill, in the 27th yeare of the raigne of our soveraigne Ladye Elizabeth that now is. [1585] {5} I william Dewsnapp of Raworthe in the county of Derby and parishe of Glossop, sicke in body but in mynde of good and perfect remembrance praysed be god, knowinge the certenty of death, and the uncertentye of the houre and tyme thereof doe make this my last will and testament in maner and forme followinge first I comitt my soule to almighty god my maker, trustinge throughe the meryts of Christs passion to be one of gods elect, and my body to be buryed in the parishe churche of Glossop; Item my will is that my funerall expences and suche sumes of monye as shalbe layde forthe to persue the folloinge, and such Debtes as of right I owe to anye man shalbe discharged of my whole goodes. Item whereas I have taken one close of grounde of henry Radcliffe of Meller for the space of 6 yeares, my will is, [that] {7} forty shillings shalbe payde to the poore in Glossop, and forty shillings to the poore in hayfielde, so soone as the same can be raysed of the sayde close of grounde. Item I give and bequeathe to foure children of widowes Staforde of Raworth eche of them two yewes and two Lambes. Item I give and bequeathe to the yonger sonne of widowe Staforde, all my workeday apparell. Item I give and bequeathe to Robert Radcliffe, sonne of henry Radcliffe of Mellor' whatsoever can be raysed in two yeares of the close beforesayde. Item I will that the rest of my goodes moveable and unmoveable shall equally be devyded amongst my brethren and sisters. Item I ordayne and make my two brethren my true and Lawfull executours, and Ottiwell fearnelighe, and Robert haighe myne overseers; trustinge the will see this my last will discharged in all poyntes to the health of my soule. Theise wittnesses:
Margery Staforde
henry Radcliffe.

Debtes that I owe are theise

  £ s d
Imprimis Rodger Pott of harrop   31 6
Item William Clarke de Brownesyde   43 0
my lordes baylie   9 4
Robert Dewsnap   15 0
Master Rawlinson   4 0
william Podner   3 11
{6} 5 6 9

Dettes owinge to me are theise

  £ s d
Imprimis william Bramale   45 0
Item George Echons   28 0
rendle {c} hibbart   36 8
henry Radcliffe   7 6
{6} 5 17 2

Item my will is that myne executours shall agree with widowe Staforde for keepinge of three Stirkes {a}
Testaraentum Willielmi dewsnappe defuncti
Yolgreave {b}
[The will of William Dewsnappe deceased Yolgreave]

A true Inventorye of all the goodes, cattels and Debtes moveable and unmoveable of William Dewsnap of Raworthe late Deceased pryced and valued by Ottiwell fearnelighe Raphe hyde, Robert haighe and Raphe Seele in the county of derby and patishe of Glossop, the last Day of Aprill in the 27th yeare of the raigne of our soveraigne ladye Elizabeth that nowe is.[1585] {5}

  £ s d
Imprimis three oxen stirkes 3 10 0
Item one cowe
36 8
the halfe price of one calfe
3 4
one horse or nagg
26 8
16 yewes and lambes 3 0 0
6 other barren sheepe
18 0
22 hoggs
53 4
one mattres
4 0
two coverlettes
12 0
three blankets
5 0
four shytes
6 0
one uphoulster and two pillowes
2 0
two coffers
6 8
his apparell
13 4
one sword and dagger
4 0
one lease taken of henry Radcliffe for 6 yeares 10 0 0
one other close for three yeares 3 0 12
Summa totalis 29 2 0

{4} Translation.
{5} Modern date.
{6} Total supplied by the transcribers.
{a} Added on the reverse side of the will.
{b} May have been proved at Youlgreave.
{c} "Robert" deleted, "rendle" interlined.

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