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William Bramall, probate 5th April 1570

In the name off god Amen The 18th daye off maye yn the yere off owre lorde god 1000 500th 60th and neene I wylliam bramall off the thornesett Fyeldes off the parysshe off glossoppe wythyn the cowntye off Derbye husbandman sycke yn bodye Bot beyng yn gud mynde and off perffite memorye Dredyng the uncerteyne howre off death Do ordeyne and make thys my testament and last wyll yn suche maner and Forme as hereaffter Foloyth Fyrst I offer and beqweth my saule to god Allmyghtye my onelye maker savyoure and Redemer And to all the holye cumpanye off heyvon And my bodye to be buryed yn the parysshe churche off All sayntes At glossoppe And For my mortuarye as shalbe use and custome Accordyng unto the lawes off thys Realme And Forther hyt ys my wyll That cecelye my doghter shall have off my goodes on Ewe shepe the best that she can chose Item I gyff unto the sayde cecelye margaret and Anne my doghters Every on off theym A hyve And Forther be hyt knowen by thys my present wyll That hyt ys covanant[ed?] {2} and Agreed betwyx me the sayde wylliam bramall and wylliam my son That Agnes bramall my wyff Affter my decesse by the lycence off the lorde shall have the on halffe off my Ferme or tenement duryng all hyr naturall lyff yff she kepe hyr soole and unmaryed or els to Avoyde the possessyon off my sayde tenement And qwen my bodye ys honestlye buryed And all Funerall coostes dettes and beqwestes dyschargyd and payed Then hyt ys my wyll That the Resydewe off All other my goodes shalbe devydet Accordyng unto the lawe betwyx the sayde Agnes my wyff And my Faure chyldren That ys to wytt Rycharde bramall Cecelye margaret and Anne And I make my Exsecutoures the sayde Agnes my wyff And Rycharde my son To and For that Intent That they shall perfforme and Fulffyll thys my wyll And dyspose For the helth off my saule As they shall thynke best At the oversyght off Jhon Dande Rycharde bramall George hyde And lawrence seele gyffen the daye and yere Above wrytten These beyng wyttenes Robert hyde preest

These be the dettes that I do oghe

  £ s d
Fyrst to Jhon bredbere off the spynnerbothum 3 2 8
Item to lawrence seele   20 0
to the wyff off Jhon Dande   4 0
to Agnes bramall my syster   10 0
  and too shepe

Item Dettes oghyng to me

  £ s d
Fyrst Elzabeth Armeffyeld 3 6 8
Item Jhon taylyor off wudleye   16 8
wylliam bramall my son
qwyche ys covanant to be payde when he Enteryth off the hallfe off my Ferme or tenement That ys to wytt 40s to Rycharde my son And 4s to my wyff and my chyldren
  44 0

The trew Inventorye off All and syngler goodes and catelles moveable and unmoveable off wylliam bramall off the thornesetffyeldes yn the parysshe off glossoppe wythyn the cowntye off derbye husbandman decessyd praysyd by Jhon hyde off the longlee Jhon dande off the lawneheade Robert Armeffyeld off the brodehurst And thomas heywarde off Rawworth the 10th daye off June Anno domini 1569

  £ s d
In primis thre bullockes 4 10 0
Item Fyve kye 5 13 4
thre calves   20 0
on horse   10 0
41 shepe 6 13 4
syxe Ewes and lambes   20 0
2 swyne   10 0
Fyve hyves   13 4
pewter and brasse   16 8
yn beddyng   13 4
All other Implementes belongyng unto howseholde and husbandre   10 0
Summa 22 0 0

{2} Illegible.
{a} No totals supplied by transcribers as "too shepe" cannot be evaluated.

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