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William Andrew, probate 23rd April 1569

In the Name off God Amen the 21th daye of January In the tenthe yeare of the Reign of owre soveringe Lady Elyzabeth by the Grace of god of England fraunce and Ireland quene deffendouure of the faythe etc. and in the yeare of oure lord god 1567 [1568] {5} I william Andrew of the hoolehouse In the pariche of glossope in the Countie of derby husbandman/ being in good mynd and of perfect remembrance dreding Naturall dethe do ordeyne and make this my present testament and last will In manner and forme hereafter folowinge. fyrste I offer and bequethe my saule to allmighti god my maker and savioure and redimer to owre blessed ladi and all the holye Compeni of heven/ My bodi to be Buried in the pariche churche of all sanctes of Glossoppe And I bequethe them for my mortuarie according to the lawes of this Relme. Fourthermore hit is my wyll that agnes my wyffe shall Injoye and occupye the one hallffe or moytie of all my tenement and farme by the lycens of the lorde duringe hir lyffe if hit please god that she over lyve me So that she paye the one hallffe off the yearely Rente Costomes and services belonging to the same/ And that Raphe Andrew my soone shall occupye and enjoye and have the other hallfe of the Sayd tenement paying yearely for the same the One halfe of the Rent with the one halfe of the Customes services and all maner of dewties belonging to the sayde tenement/ And after the decesse of Agnes my wyffe then hit is my will that the foresayde Raphe my sonne shall have all the hoole farme with the appurtinaunces wyche I the afforesayd william andrew have taken herto affore by leasse or leasses of Wylliam beard of berde being my landlorde and mayster or of any of Ancetores before him allso further hit is my will that if hit shuld please god that the afforsayd raphe andrew my Seyde sone shall have no isshew male of his body lawfully begotton by his wyffe whose name is annyce Then hit is my will that William Andrew my sone shall have the one hallff of my seyd farme and tenement and the Seyde Aney to have the other hallfe off the Same by the lycens of the lorde So that she keipe herselfe Soleme and unmaried during all suche yeares as the lorde hath Granted unto me as more at large may appeyre be Covenantes of Indenture and other assurances And if hit shall pleasse god to Send Raphe my Soone Isshew male then hit is my will that the sayde Raphe and his Isshew male after the decesse of Angnes my wyffe shall have all suche Rightes tytle Cleame and Interest for terme of yeares as I the afforsayd william andrewe have in the sayde messuage and tenement Caulled the hoole house for suche certen yeares and shall appeyre by Indentures. And wheras I the Sayde william andrew have taken hertoaffore to me and my Assygnes one certayne parcell of medow Ground of Nicholas Bredburye of Ollersett Gentelman called the Redes medow for certen yeares yett to Come as more at lardge it maye appeyre be Covenantes of Indentures made betwex us/ my wille is that Agnes my wyffe shall occupye the one hallfe of the premisses during my terme if it pleasse God that she lyve So longe/ and william my sone/ owtiwell/ Edward/ and nicholas my childeren shall occupy the other halfe during my Sayd terme/ And if it please God to vysit Agnes my sayde wyffe within the sayd terme then hit is my will that william/ otiwell/ Edwarde/ and Nicholas/ my chylderen shall have and enioye all my Interest Cleame and tytle during all the yeares Granted to me by leasse of the afforsayd medow Called the Redes medow allso I geve unto Edmund and nicholas my soones the new barne standinge upon andrew Grene provyded allwayes if the sayd Edmunde or nicholas or there heyres be disposed to sell ther tytle of the sayd barne at ani tyme herafter that Raphe andrew my soone and his heres males to have the same for Resonable sumes of mone at the syght of tow or thre frendes before all other persons, furthermore I will that all my Goodes affter my disseace shalbe equally devyded into thre partes wherof I geve and bequethe unto Agnes my welbeloved wyffe one parte therof the Second parte I geve and bequethe unto william andrew my soone Otiwell andrew/ Edmunde andrew and Nicholas andrew my sones/ The thryde and last parte I Rewarde unto my self to paye my dettes and to bring me honestly home the Rest that Remeneth to be at my plesure to bestow as I shall thincke Good and of this my last testament and will I ordeyne and make my executores herof Aignes my welbeloved wyff and william andrew my soone and the Supervicors herof I ordene and make master william berde of berde and otiwell andrew of the gybeheye my brother to se that this my present will and testament be performed in all Causes as my speciall trust and Confidens is in them Thes wittnes Thomas Raulenson of the heighgate the elder Robert bredburi of kynder and James Carington of Bugsworthe with other mo///

The trewe Inventorye off all and syngler goodes and catelles moveable and unmoveable off Wylliam Andrew off the parysshe off glossoppe wythyn the cowntye off Derbye decessyd praysyd by Rycharde selvester Jhon bowdon Reynolde pott And Wylliam hyde the 13th daye off apryll Anno domini 1569

  £ s d
Fyrst Faure oxson pryce 4 13 4
Item Fyve kye 4 10 0
Eight styrkes and Fyve calves 4 6 8
a olde mare and a Fowle   12 0
a olde nagge   8 0
yn shepe 6 13 4
2 shawtes   6 8
yn corne and heye   20 0
yn leyther yn the barkehowse   20 0
beddyng   20 0
pewter and brasse   20 0
yn waynes plowes yokes harowes And other      
implementes belongyng to howsehold and husbandre   20 0
summa totalis 25 0 0

{5} Modernised date.

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