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Thomas Shuttleworth, probate 23rd November 1583

In the name of God amen/ the thirde Day of Januarie in the 22th yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Ladie Elizabethe by the grace of god of Englande France and Irelande Quene defender of the Faythe etc./ and in the yeare of our lord god 1579 [1580] {5} I Thomas Shuttleworthe of Breregreave in the parishe of Glossopp and in the countie of Derbie beinge partely sicke in bodie: yet neverthelesse of good and perfecte memorye prayse be unto god Doe ordayne constitute and make this my presente Testamente contayninge herein my laste will in maner and forme folowinge That is to say firste and principally I give and bequeathe my soule unto almigtie god my maker redeemer and savioure throughe the merites of whose moste holie Deathe and passione on the crosse I faythfully truste to be saved and my bodie to be buried in the parishe churche of Glossopp aforsayd Item I give and assign all my full good will tytle and authoritie in the ferine messuage tenement and ground with thappurtenances wherin I nowe inhabit occupy and dwell unto Thomas shutelworthe my sonn beseekinge my Righte worshippfull good Master to be and stande his good Master Item I doe gyffe unto the sayd Thomas all maner my Instrumentes or thinges made or prepared for husbandry one garner/ one litle panne one grett pott all manner my wodden ware belonginge to housekepinge within my house and Too oxen or steeres which I heartofore have delivered unto him/ Item my will is that the sayd Thomas my Sonne and george my sonne shall keppe house togeyther untill the feaste Day of Phillippe and Jacobe thappostles [1 May] {5} nexte ensuinge the Day of the naturall discease of me the sayd Thomas the father uppon my hole goodes yf it please god that I doe discease in that tyme of the yeare when herveste shalbe gotten into the barne boothe corne and hay and thatt then the sayd Thomas shall give all the reste of the corne that snalbe spared savinge that at harveste nexte ensuinge my sayd Discease when the corne shalbe gotten into the barne beinge sowed uppon the premisses and gotten uppon the costes and charges of the sayd Thomas my sayd sonne. That then the sayd George shall, have to his awne use for ever the fourthe parte of the same But yf it fortune me the sayd Thomas the father to discease when the come is grouinge uppon my sayd tenement or grounde That then the sayd Thomas shall have three partes therof and the sayd George the fourthe parte to his awne use forever and not to kepe howse togeyther as aforsayd Item I give to my sonne william Shuttleworthe one cowe calfe Item my debtes funerall expenses gyftes and legacies beinge Discharged of my goodes I doe give the Reste of all my hole goodes (not before bequeathed) What and whersoever unto the sayd George my sayd sonn to the only sole and proper use and hehove of him the same George for ever/ And finallye of this my present laste will and testament I doe ordayne make and constitute the sayd Thomas and George my sayd sonnes my trewe and lawfull executors all thinges herein contayned to doe or cause to be done accordinge to the trewe meaninge herof as my faythfull truste is in them and I doe make Nicolas hadfeld and Roberte Robinsonn overseers or supervisors of the same/ These wittenesses Henrye Bradshawe Roberte sydbothom william Robinsonn and alsoe Thomas goodderd with others

This is the true Inventorie of all the goodes and Cattell bothe movable and immovable of Thomas Shuttelworthe of the breiggreve within the parishe of Glossopp and Countie of Darbie lately deceased, prysed the 24 daye of August, in the 25th yere of the Reigne of our Soveraigne Ladye Elyzabeth etc [1583] {5} be John Hollenworth Robart Gooddard, Robart Heiward Otewell Bearde

  £ s d
Inprimis one Oxe and two Steures the price 6 0 0
Item fyve kyne with two Calves 6 13 4
one Heiffer the price
20 0
foure Styrkes the price
40 0
tow Mares the price
53 4
in sheepe the price 4 0 0
two Swyne the price
13 4
in Come and Haye 6 13 4
in brasse and pewter the price
33 4
in Beddynge the price
40 0
all Husbandrie ware the price
20 0
one Garnar, two old arkes and one knoppe
13 4
in Meale and malte the price
6 4
in fleshe and whitmeat price
4 0
in pullen the price
2 8
in Tryen ware price
3 0
in Apparell the price
6 9
Summa Totalis 36 3 0
{5} Modernized date.
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