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Thomas Goddert, probate 25th April 1571

In the name of god Amen the 20th dey of August in the yeare of our Lord god 1570 and in the 12th yeare of the Reign of our Sovereigne Ladye Elizabeth by the grace of god of Englaund Fraunce and Irelaund Quene defender of the fayth etc. I Thomas Goddert of Roworth beynge Sycke in bodye butt of good and perfect memorye Laud and prayse be unto almyghtye god do ordeyn constitute and make this, my present Testament cosernyge hearin my last wyll in maner and forme Folowynge that is to sey Fyrst and principallye I gyff and bequeath my Soule to almyghtye god my maker redemer and Savyour through the merettes of whose death and precious bloud Shedynge upon the Crosse I faythfully trust to be saved and my bodye to be buryed within the parishe Church of Glossope Item it is my wyll that John Goddert my Son Shall have all my full power and auctorytye what so ever in all that my Messuage ferme tenement and groundes with thappurtenances whearin I nowe dwell and be my full and laufull assignes therof togeither with my lease of the Sames durynge my hole terme therin conteyned accordynge unto the trewe meanyge therof So that the same John upon his awne proper costes and Charges kepe Isabell my wyff beynge his mother honestlye with meate dryncke cloath lodgynge and all other reasonable necessaryes durynge her lyff naturall/ Item it is my wyll that my dettes beynge payd legacies and funerall expences made and discharged of my whole goodes: That then Alys my doughter shall have taken up of the rest of my whole goodes to her awne proper use the Somme of twentye poundes in valeure: togeither with one honest bedd and my best pewter dyshe and also then the best next to it but one// Item I gyff to Margarett my base begotton doughter the Somme of Syxe poundes threttene shelynges foure pence and one pewter dyshe beynge best butt one// Item the rest of all my goodes nott bequeathed I gyff unto the seid John my Sone And of this my present Testament I do ordeyn and make the same John my Sone and the seid Alys my doughter my true and laufull executours duely to execute my trust in theym reposed And I do make wylliam Goddert and John Goddert my brethereren and Thomas Heward my overseers trulye to see the execution and performacion hearof as my faythfull trust is in theym Thes wittenes

Thes be the dettes which I do owe.

  £ s d
Imprimis to Raffe Cleyton my tenantes Sone   10 0
Item to the executours of Laurence Seele   2 4
to Raff Seele     12
to william Reade     14
{6}   14 6

A trew Inventorye off all and synguler goodes and Catelles off Thomas goddard deceassed by 4 sworne Neybores prysed the names off the pryseres george hyde Edwarde hyde John goddarde and John Robothun

  £ s d
fyrst 3 oxen the pryce 5 0 0
Item 4 kye 3 13 4
2 hefferes and one Calfe   40 0
one horse   20 0
60 shepe (10 Markes - 6s 8d) {4} 7 0 0
In beddeng   20 0
In other Implementes off howse   20 0
In Corne and heye 3 0 0
the howle summe 24 0 0

{4} Translation of archaic money.
{6} Total supplied by transcribers.

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