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Thomas Garatt, probate 24th April 1566

In the name of god Amen and in the yere of our lord god 1564 and in the Fythe {a} day of the monethe of marche I thomas garott of the banke hed in parysshe of glossope yeman seke in bode holle and perfyte of remembrans orden and make thys thys my last wyll and testament in theys maner and Forme foweloynge First I beqwethe my soule unto allmyghtye god my onlye saveor and redemer and my bodye to be buryed in parshe churche {b} of allhalloes of glossoppe and my mortuare after the cunstum of the cuntre allso I wyll that my too sonnys raffe and ottewell shall have my ferme gentyle to geydor allso I wyll that my dettes be paid of my holl goodes also I wyll that all my holl goodes be delte in thre partes one parte unto my wyffe and a noder parte unto my Foure sonnes and the thred parte unto my selve to beyre the charches of of my Furthe bryngyng also I wyll that ottewyll my sone shall have the rest of my thred part of goodes after my Furthe bryngyng gevynge unto thomas my sone 4 markes of laffull monye also I ordene and and make meyne laffull exceturs for the tru performans of my last wyll and testament raffe my sone and ottewell my sone allso I geve unto Jhon ryggeway chyldren 4 lambes at mysomer also I geve unto robert [chelwin?] {2} chyldren [evrey?] {2} one a lambe at mysomer also I geve unto marget arneffyld 12d

thes be the dettes wyche I thomas garat do owe

  £ s d
unto raffe and [ottewell] {7} my too sones 4 12 0
to christofor my sone   16 0
to raffue my sone   13 0
to nycholas waterhowsse   3 0
{6} 6 4 0

thes be the dettes wyche ar owyng to me

  £ s d
uxor [wife] {4} ottewell bryedbure   6 0
uxor raffe bredbure   3 4
thomas stepeton   3 0
wylliam Jacson   4 3
{6} 0 16 7

and unto thys my wy {c} testament I have sett my hand and my selle the beyng wytnys christpefer berd prest ottewell andru of the geb hye wylliam hadffeld

The Inventorie of all the goodes moveable and unmoveable of thomas garrat of the bankehede within the parishe of glossoppe latelie deseased and his goodes praysed by these 4 men John hide Robert armefeld ottewell bramall and Robert clayton

  £ s d
In primis 3 oxen 4 0 0
Item 4 kye 4 0 0
3 heifores   30 0
one calfe   5 0
a mare   20 0
fyve score shepe 8 6 8
a swyne   2 8
the goodes unmoveable      
In brasse and putar   40 0
Item in beddynge   30 0
the hustlement of house   13 4
{6} 23 7 8

{2} Illegible.
{4} Translated.
{6} Total supplied by transcribers.
{7} Interlined.
{a} ? illegible deletion.
{b} "yard" deleted.
{c} The scribe may have intended to write "wyll" and then replaced it with "testament" forgetting to delete his mistake.

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