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Thomas Bower, probate 24th April 1555

In the name of god amen In the yere of oure lorde god a thousand fyffe hondred fyfte and 4 I Thomas bore of whytell beenge Seke in bode and whole in mynde and of good memore do make my Testament and wyll in manar and forme here after foloeng forste I bequythe my Soule to allmyghte god and to oure lade Sente mary and to all the holy cumpene of heven and my bode to bered att the peryche curche of glossope allso I bequythe my Sones John and Edworde my grates pan and a [fryeng/frying?] {1} pan besyde there chyldes parte to be even doled betwen thym also I bequythe my Son Edword a sterke to be keped att the howse ente it be incalfe besyde hys chyldys parte also I bequythe my wyffe and all my chyldren to hocapy my howse and tenement by the lese of the lord and all my goodes She kepynge my name and yf She chanche my name and mary I bequythe my Son John to hocapy my howse and tenemente Sokerenge my hother chylden att the hoversyght of frendes also I make my lafull excecutors Thomas cleton of Stryndes and Thomas arnefelde of brodhorste to fulfell thys my wyll and Testement as the wyll answer afore the he {a} Judge also I make my overcears necholas bradbry of bankehed and Roberte arnefeld of brodhorste to overse that my wyll be lafully fulfelled and keped wryten att whytell the 28 day of november thyse beeng wytnes Thomas brommal of thornesetfeldes and robert Stones of whytell with hother

detes hoeng

  £ s d
John Staffartt of bole hyll for woll   40 0
Item the Said John for woll another yere   38 0
Item the Said John for a quartar of befe   5 0
Robert Staffart of bolehyl for clothe   10 0
Item the Said Robert for yorne   8 0
wyllyam robutam of Strendis for wyll   3 0
Item the Said wyllyam for wyll another tyme   12 8
Item the Said wyllyam for lames   2 0
henry Jacson lante mone   5 0
wyllyam Jacson of colde arbar for a coue   20 0
Raffe bradbury of bankehed   8 2
Raffe robutam of podnor   13 4
otewell bradbury of hefelde     18
wyllyam [grenes/greves?] {2}   13 10
Item the Said wyllyam for wyll   6 0
wyllyam eyam for wyll   7 0
Robert nedam lant mone   22 8
John robutam for a cau   16 0
Edmund arrap 3 0 0
Thomas bromall   13 4
Robert Jacson of yate for yorne     22
{6} 15 7 4

The Inventarye off the goodes off thomas bower decessyd the 24th daye off Februarye praysyd by Jhon stafforde off the clyff Robert cleyton Robert stafforde and Robert stonys

  £ s d
Fyrst yn beastes 5 0 0
Item a mare   6 8
shepe 3 0 0
pewter brasse beddyng and other      
howse holde stuff - Faure markes {4} 2 13 4
yn corne and heye   33 4
{6} 12 13 4

{1} Damaged.
{2} Illegible.
{4} Translation of archaic money.
{6} Total supplied by transcribers.
{a} "he" may be an abreviation for either high or heavenly.

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