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Thomas Arnefeld, probate 20th April 1558

In the name of god So be yt in the yere of oure lorde god A thosand fyve hundreth fyftye and 7 the 20th day december Anno philippi et marie quarto et quinto [in the year of Philip and Mary the fourth and the fifth] {4} I Thomas Arnefeld of the brodehurst Seke in body and holl of mynde make my testament and last wyll in forme folowyng Furst I bequeathe my Saule to Almighty god oure lady saynt Marye and to all the sayntes in heaven and my body to be buryed in the parisshe churche of glossop Item I gyf unto maude hobson 12d. Item I gyf unto the wyf of John hogekynson 12d. Item I gyf to Ellyn cooke 12d. Item I gyf to the wyf of Mores Robothum 2s. Item I gyf to dorothe Ratclyf 12d. Item I gyf to Jone oldsell 12d. Item I gyf to Ellyn wood 12d. Item I gyf to Anne Bradley 12d. Item I gyf to Ales Stafford 12d. Item I gyf to Robert Arnefeld my son the bedde that I now lye in with all therto belonyng Item I gyf to the same Robert all Arkes bourdes garners knoppes wanes and all such wood ware as is within my house Item I gyf to Omfre my son A coverlet A pare of Sheetes/ Item I gyf to Ellyn hegenbothum my servant the bedde that she lyeth in. Item I gyf to Alexander my Son one Matres one pare of Sheetes Item I gyf to Robert my Son one cowe Item I gyf to Omfre my Son one cowe Item I gyf all my wood in meller groyng and lyyng wiche I have boght and paed for to Robert and Omfre my Sonnes Item I gyf to Ellyn hegenbothum my servant one cowe. Item I gyf to Edmund hobson one heffur. Item to Thomas Arnefeld my sons son one cofer too Sylver Spones and one calf. Item I gyf to the same Thomas and Edmund hobson 12 Sheepe to be meane betwene them. Item I have geven unto Alexander my Son Robert my Son And Omfre my Son theire chyldes parte of all my goodes And they have Sealed A quitance for the same Also I have geven and delyvered with my handes unto my Sones And other persons the Rest of all my beddyng and household Stuf as peuter [and] {7} brasse Also I gyf to the wyf of henre bromall 12d. Item to Thomas hobson the Son of william hobson one cowe Item I gyf Cristofer Berred 20s. wiche Rauf platte and william platte do owe unto me Also I gyf to the mendyng of the bryge ende in hayfeld and the bryge At Sedehyll 6s. 8d. Item towardes the mendyng of a polle At Ranald pottes over the watur 12d. Also I gyf A certayn Obligacion that Robert Ratclyf of Meller gentyll man And his heyres standeth bounden unto me and myne Assignes wiche I wyll Randull Stafford shall have the one half therof/ And Omfre my Son and william hobson the other half whome I make myne Assignes for that Obligacion Also I have wryten all my dettes owyng unto {1} me the sayd Thomas Arnefeld beyring date with this sayd wyll wiche shalbe Annexed to this my present wyll/ all wiche dettes are trew wryten in the sayd byll/ As I wyll unswar at the day of Jugement. And of this my present testament and last wyll I ordeyn and make my trwe and welbeloved frendes Rauff Meller of nether ollerset/ and Rauff Bradley of the haghe my lawfull executorres./ And Supravisors here of I make Laurence Stafford of the Clyff gentyll man/ And Thomas Raulynson of the heghe gate gentyll man. Also I wyll that the sayd Rauf Meller Rauf Bradley Laurence Stafford and Thomas Raulynson shall have every one of them for ther paynes takyng in and Abowte the premysses 6s. 8d. the sayd Rauff Meller Laurence and Thomas Raulynson Are paed all Reyde/ And also I wyll that After my brynyng home And my dettes and quiddes dischaged The Rest of all my goodes shalbe desposed as here after foloweth by myne executors Above named That is to say the one half to be distributed Amonges all my chyldryn And the other parte to be devided in too partes the one parte to myn executors and oversears/ the other to pere people as myn executors shall thynke mete/ Item I gyff to Richard Marshall one Cow/ Item I gyf to william hobson one Swyne/ Item yt ys my wyll that this shalbe executed and fulfylled within one yere after my decesse/ Wryten the day and yere/ Above specifyed/ These beyng wytnesses/ John Colear of hayfeld Randull hyde of hayfeld and william hobson of bregreve with others

The inventore of all the goodes that ware belonging to Thomas Arnefelld at his departure over and besydes suche dettes as ware owyng hym loked uppon and prased by Ranald potte Randull Stafford Robert Clayton and Robert hadfeld

  £ s d
In primis Sex kyen 6 0 0
Item A heffur A calf and A swyne   20 0
12 Shepe   26 8
in beddyng and household stuff   20 0
{6} 9 6 8

{4} Translated.
{6} Total supplied by transcribers.
{7} Interlined.
{a} "unto" - deleted repetition.

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