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Robert Nedam, probate 10th April 1567

In the name off god Amen The 11th daye off Februarye yn the yere off owre lorde god 1000 500th 66th I Robert nedam off the ladeshayebothum off the parysshe off glossoppe wythyn the cowntye off Derbye husbandman yn gud mynde And off perffite memorye Dredyng the uncerteyne howre off death Do ordeyne and make thys my testament and last wyll yn suche maner and Forme as hereaffter Foloyth Fyrst I offer and beqweth my saule to Almyghtye god my onelye maker savyoure and Redemer And to all the blessyd cumpanye off heyvon And my bodye to be buryed yn {a} parysshe churche off All sayntes At glossoppe And I beqweth my tenement Affter my decesse unto Elzabeth my wyff duryng all hyr naturall lyff And affter the decesse off my wyff hyt ys my wyll That my sayde tenement Remeyne Apon Fraunces my elder doghter by the lycence off the lorde And yff hyt Fortune the sayde Fraunces to dye unto Elzabeth my doghter And Forther I beqweth unto Alexander nedam my brother All my shapon clothyng or Reyment Reservyd my cloke qwyche I do gyff unto my sayde wyff And I beqweth unto Robert nedam son off the sayde Alexander suche A heyffur As I namyd unto Nycholas melloure Item be hyt knowen by thys my wyll That the thryde part off the tymber That lyeth At wat Furthe boght off the heyres off wylliam wurthe ys myne And qwen my bodye ys honestlye buryed and thys my wyll Fulffyllyd And all Funerall coostes dettes and beqwestes dyschargyd and payed Then the Resydew off all other my goodes I gyff and beqweth unto my sayde wyff and chyldren to be dyvydet Emongest theym Accordyng unto the lawe And I make the sayde Elzabeth my wyff my soole exsecutryxe to accomplysshe and Fulffyll thys my wyll And to dyspose For the helth off my saule as she shall thynke best At the oversyght off Robert hebart and Gervase haghe These beyng wyttones Nycholas melloure George macam And Robert macam gyffen the daye and yere above wrytten

These be the dettes that I do oghe

  £ s d
Fyrst unto Rawdyll stafforde   44 0
Item to the sayde Roudull   32 8
{6} 3 16 8

Item these be the dettes that be oghyng unto me

  £ s d
Fyrst Jhon waryngton   10 8
Item the sayde Jhon For 7 dayes ployng   7 0
the sayde Jhon   5 0
And 2 hopys off barle      
the sayde Jhon For Flesshe   0 6
Raphe melloure off lawlaghton   13 4
otuell waryngton   2 6
otuell bredburye   7 0
Thomas swyndels   0 18
{6} 2 7 6

The trew Inventorye off All and Syngler goodes and Catelles moveable and unmoveable off Robert nedam off the ladshayebothum off the parysshe off glossoppe withyn the cowntye off Derbye decessyd praysyd by Raphe bradley Rondull stafforde Robert Armeffyeld And Gervase haghe

  £ s d
Fyrst on oxe   40 0
Item too bullockes 3 0 0
on twynter bullocke   20 0
Faure kye 5 6 8
2 heyffurs   30 0
too heyffurs   24 0
2 calffes   16 0
2 mares and A horse 3 0 0
A Colt   13 4
15 shepe   50 0
2 swyne   4 0
Come and heye 3 0 0
pewter and brasse   20 0
yn beddyng   52 0
thre twyll shetys And ten seckes   30 0
Arkes and A knoppe And all other wodden stuff wythyn howse   20 0
husbandre stuff belongyng to the howse   20 0
his apparell For his bodye   10 0
{6} 31 16 0

{6} Total supplied by transcribers.
{a} "my bodye to be buryed" - deleted.

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