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Robert Goddart, probate 11th February 1579 [1580] {5}

In the name of god Amen the nyntenth day of Apryll in the 21th year of the Reign of our Sovereign Ladie Elizabeth by the grace of god of Englaund Fraunce and Ireland Quene defender of the Fayth etc in the year of our Lord god A thousand Fyve hundryth threescore and nyntene/ I Robert Godderd of Roworth in the parishe of Glossope in the Countie of derby husbandman Sycke in bodie Butt of gud and perfect memorye prayse be unto almightie god do ordeyn constitute and make this my present Testament contayning hearin my last wyll in maner and fourme folowynge That is to say Firste and pryncipally I gyff and bequeath my Soule unto almyghtye god my maker redemer and Savyour throughe the merettes of whose moste holye death and passion on the crosse I Faythfullye trust to be saved and my bodie to be buryed near to the Chauncell yeate within the parishe Church of Glossope aforsaid whear moste parte of my frendes do lye// Item it is my wyll that after I be brought home of the costes and charges of my awne goodes and my funerall expences therof also discharged That then the rest of all my hole goodes aswell moveable as Immoveable Shalbe devydett equallye betwyxt Margarett my wyffe and Elizabeth my bastard doughter and so to remeyn to their Severall uses for ever/ after which divysyon my wyll is that the said Margarett my said wyff Shall take and kepe the said Elizabeth and her parte of goodes with her awne goodes togeither So longe as they and either of theym can so agree and when they can nott So agree That then the said Margarett Shall delyver aswell the said Elizabeth as also all her parte of the said goodes and everye parcell therof or the full' pryce and value therof Immediatly unto morys my brother and to Ann Godderd my syster or unto either of theym or their assignes to be used to the profytt and advantage of the said Elizabeth with the advyse of my overseers hearafter named untyll she come to laufull age and then she to use her selfe and the same goodes at her awne wyll and pleasure Item my wyll is that the said Margarett my said wyff Shall pay or cause to be payd all such dettes and Summes of money as I do owe unto the said morys my brother and Ann my syster at such tymes as the same of right ought to be payd which appeareth in certayn wrytynges heartofore made betwyxt me and my said brother and syster Morys and Ann Godderd Item moreover my will is further that she the said Margarett my said wyff kepynge her Sole and in my name Shall enjoye and occupye Immediatlye after my disceasse for and durynge her lyff naturall the thryd parte of all the mesuage buyldynges and landes with the thrid parte of all thappurtenances therto belongynge nowe beynge in the occupacion of william Godderd father of me the said Robert Sett lyinge and beynge in Roworth aforsaid for and in name of all her dower or Joynture of all the premisses to the use of her and my chylderen by her laufullye begotton So longe as he or they wylbe ruled and governed by her/ Butt yf she the said Margarett my said wyff do fortune hearafter to marye then my will is that she Shall have no more parte of my messuage landes and appurtenances aforsaid nor more parte of any other my Inheritaunce in any wyse from and Immediatly after the day of her maryage butt onlye such parte of the premisses as by lawe and of right She ought to have neither that she shall thenceforth that is to say after the day of her maryage have calenge aske clayme take or demand the government of my Son and here apparant at any tyme after the said day of her maryage for ever Butt shall quyetly suffer other the next frendes of my said Son and here with the advyse of my said overseers hearafter to be named to have the rule and government of hym/ and [of] {7} that what So ever to hym of right Shall then to hym appurtayne untyll the tyme that he come to the full age of 21 yeares to his use and commoditye accordynge to the trewe meanyge hearof Item my wyll is that the said william Godderd my said Father shall enjoye the too partes of all the said messuage landes and all other appurtenances and thynges therto belongynge durynge his lyff naturall accordynge to certayne covenantes and agrementea heartofore made betwyxt hym my said Father and me the said Robert/ And my wyll is also That my mother Elyn the wyff of the said william my said father if she survyve hym the said william my said father Shall enjoye her full thrid parte of all the premisses durynge her lyff naturall without disturbance in any wyse by of or from me or by any in my right or tytle or any my heres or executours what or who so ever/ The remaynder of all the premisses aswell after the disceasse or maryage of my said wyffe as also after the disceasse of the said william my said father and the disceasse of my said mother I Gyff Hollye unto Robert Godderd my Sone and here (beynge my only Son nowe lyvynge) and to the heres of his bodie laufullye begotton/ And for lacke of such issue to Morys the brother of me the said Robert the Father and to the heres of his bodie laufullye begotton And for lacke of such issue to the right heres of the said wylliam my said Father for ever to hold the same of the cheife Lorde of the Fee therof by the servyce therof due and of right accustomed/// Provydett alwayes and it is my will that the said Morys my brother Shall have A convenyent Beddrome and libertye to come and go to the same at his pleasure in such s everall decent place in and upon the premisses at and by the oversight of my father aforsaid in and by his lyff tyme to be appoynted to the said Morys for and durynge the naturall lyff of hym the same Morys: and also gud and sufficient kepynge for ten weyther sheepe upon the premisses to be kept in such lyke order as hath theare bene accustomed durynge also his seyd lyff naturall/ And my desyre is that the said Morys Shall pardon my said wyff of such money as I do owe unto hym/ if it so please god that the said Messuage and landes come unto his handes as aforsaid in the lyff tyme of said wyff/ Fynallye of this my present last wyll and Testament I do make the said Margarett my wyff and the said Morys my brother my true and laufull executours all thynges hearin contayned to do and cause to be done as my Faythfull trust is in theym/ And I do constitute ordeyne and make Thomas Hayward, of Roworth aforsaid Edwarde Smyth my bother in xawe and Thomas Godderd of Breegreave my cosyn overseers ot the same /// thes wittenes Thomas hayward the yonger Robert hayward the yonger Thomas Armefeld Otuell Bromall and william godderd with others//

An Invintarye of all the goods and catels movable and unmovable of Robert goddart latlye decessed and prysed by theis Robert hayward John Staffort John goddart and Thomas wood the 31th daye of Julye last paste and in the 21th yeare of the raigne of our Soverain Ladie Elyzabeth be the grace of god of England france and Ierland Queene defender of the feath et

  £ s d
In primis in shipp (16nobles) 5 6 8
Item in woulle and yorne   33 4
in apparell for his bodie   20 0
the wholl Summa 8 0 0
{4} Translated archaic money.
{5} Calendar date.
{7} Interlined.

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