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Robert Clayton: probate 4th June 1601

In the name of god amen. The seaventh daie of Aprill in the yeare of our Lord god 1601 I Robert Cleaton of the Haighe within the countie of Darbie husbandman, Sicke in bodie but of perfytt mynde and memorie for dreed of naturall death that is uncertayne doe ordeine declare and make this my present Will and Testament in manner and forme followinge./ That is to wytt First I give and bequeath my soule to almightie god my maker saviour and redimer trusting throughe the merittes of his passion and precious bloude sheeding to be on of the number of his elect:/ And also my bodie to be buried in the parishe Church of Glossopp:/ Also it is my will that the farme Wherin I now dwell, the one halfe parte of all the grownde thereof, and the kytchyne, waynhouse, and on bay of the barne shall remeyne for six yeeres terme together next after my decease, to my three children Raphe Joane and Elyzabeth Cleatons, and all the Corne now sowen on the growndes of my said farme, and all the Barlie that shall growe and arise, in and uppon all the porcion of fallowed grownd within on closse called ley field shall also remeyne to my said three children Raphe, Joan and Elyzabeth, they or any of them paying the on halfe of all old rentes and duties for same./ And thother halfe part of all my growndes, the house wherin I now dwell and other edifices, and after six yeeres all my whole farme with all appertenances shall remeyne to Bryan Cleaton my son with the lycence of my good master and Landlord/. Also it is my will that Bryan Cleaton my son shall bring agayne on Coffer, and on arke of myne now in his use, and he to receive againe his arke now in my use./ Also it is my will that yf Henry Cleaton my brother have yssue male lawfullie begotten or to be begotten by his wyffe, then that the land messuage farme and Tenement with appertenances that I have by the gyft of my uncle John Cleaton shall remeyne to the said yssue male of the said Henrie Cleaton, and to his heirs for ever./ he the said Henrie his heires and assiges to pey or cause to be payd within on yeere next after havinge sutch yssue male, to my two daughters Joan Cleaton and Elyzabethe Cleaton and to eyther of them tenn powndes of lawfull Englyshe money./ And yf it fortune that the said Henrye my said brother have no yssue male lawfullie begotten or to be begotten by his said wyffe, then it is my will that the same land messuage farme and Tenement with appertenances shall remeyne to my said son Bryan Cleyton and to his heirs for ever together with all deedes wryttynges and thinges whatsoever is or doth belonge unto the same, he the said Bryan or his assiges within on yeere next after that he entereth uppon the same land messuage farme and Tenement shall pey or cause to be payd unto my said two daughters Joan Cleaton and Elyzabeth Cleyton and to eyther of them the some of tenn powndes of lawfull Englyshe monie./ Item I give and bequeathe to my said son Bryan Cleyton 6s. 8d. for and in the name and stid of all his childes part of goodes./ Item I give to the said Bryaun Cleyton a Jacke and a bill./ And also I give unto the said Bryan a garner that standeth in the barne./ Also it is my will that yf my executors here under named be put to anie cost, trouble, and charge concerning this my said will either by suit in law or other wyse, then I will that they or eyther of them shall have their cost borne theim of my whole goodes Also it is my will that after I am fourth brought, my debtes peyd and funerall legaces and expences clearlie discharged finished and done of my whole goodes, that then the rest of my said goodes remeyning and not bequeathed as well moveable as immoveable together with all they debtes owing unto mee of anie person or persons I will shalbe equallie devided among my three children, that is to witt, Raphe Joan and Elyzabethe Cleytons for and towardes their preferment according to the true meanynge of this my said will./ Item I make my full and lawfull executors to see that this my said will be fulfylled./ Roger Daniell my son in law and Robert Hyde./ And also I shall desire my good neighbours and friendes Master William Cleyton of Strindes and John Moore of Marple and Robert Rydgway supervisors of the same./ These being wytnes of this my said will./ William J. Francys Daniell Edward Robothom./ Raphe Cleytoun./

Debtes that I the said Robert do owe./

  £ s d
First to William Andrew of the gybb hey
55 0
Item To Ann Chadwick 3 0 0
To Ann Hyde, als booth
33 4
to Ann Goderd
10 0
to Otewell Heiginbothom de Turve lee
12 6
to Christopher Moor for shooing oxen
4 0
To James Bullock

Item to my daughter, the wyffe of Edward Robothom of Marple, a gowne, a Coverlet a bolster

Item I do owe unto my said daughter the wyffe of Edward Robothom
20 0
{6} 9 16 0

Debtes owing unto me

  £ s d
First Roger Wybersley
14 1
Item Edward Mellor of Mellor
11 6
Robert Caryngton of Coursses
29 2
Randulphe Hybbert
2 2
Edward Hyde
2 8
George Woode
3 1
William Mellor for gresse
2 4
Humfrey Cleyton
2 8
the said William Mellor

Henry Cleyton

Edmund Smithe that dwelleth now in the Coolepytt hoole for a fat sheepe
3 8
{6} 3 12 7

The true Inventorie of all the goodes and Cattells moveable and immoveable of Robert Cleaton of the haighe pryced and valued by Otewell Heiginbothom, John Moor, Robert Rydgway, George Robothom, yomen the second daie of May Ano Regni Regine Elyzabeth etc. xliiith annoque domini [and in the 43rd year of the reigne of Queen Elyzabeth etc. and in the year of the lord] {4} 1601

  £ s d
Inprimis four Oxen 12 0 0
Item six kyne and heiffers 12 0 0
Four Twynters and two calves 5 13 4
on horse 4 0 0
Syx sheepe
20 0
35 0
13 4
10 0
Ploughes, Waynes, Harrowes, Yookes and other husbandrie geares
20 0
Yron Wares
13 4
Wheele Tymber
20 0
Brasse pewter two leades on frying pan
46 8
Arkes and Coffers
50 0
Tryen Ware and two spynnyng wheeles
10 0
on Steepyng fatt
10 0
Beddyng 3 0 0
Bedstockes, bordes, Cheirs, stooles
20 0
on Coberd, rackencheine, Brandred, Tonnge
2 4

20 0
{6} 50 12 8

Fiat probacio testamenti retroscripti et administracio bonorum dicti defuncti Executoribus in testamento nominatis Commissio Georgio Yeavely Clerico vicario de Glossop etc.
[illegible signature]

[Let the probate of the will written overleaf and administration of the goods of the said deceased be made to the Executors named in the will. Commission to George Yeavely clerk vicar of Glossop etc.] {4} 2. Illegible. 4. Translation. 6. Total supplied by transcribers.
{2} Illegible.
{4} Translation.
{6} Total supplied by transcribers.

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