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Robert Arnefeld, probate 11th February 1579 [1580] {5}

In the name of god amen./ the 30th daye of Januarie and in the 22 yeare of the quenes majesties moste prosperous reigne Elizabeth that now is Anno domini 1579 [1580] {5}:/ I Robert Arneffelde of the brodehurste within the parishe of glossoppe and countie off darbie yoeman, sicke in bodye whole in mynde and of good and perfecte memorie dreadinge naturall deathe, [do?] {1} ordayne and make this my last will and testament in maner and forme followinge, that is to saye. fyrst I bequeathe and committe my soule to allmightie god, my maker, redeimer, and sanctifyer, and my bodye to be buried in the porche of the parishechurch of glossoppe afore saide./ Item my will is that my funerall expencesse and all such debte, or debtes as I doe owe of right unto anye man be dischardged of my wholle goodes./ and the rest of my goodes after my fourthe bringinge I bequeathe as hereafter followethe./ Item I give to my sonne Thomas Arnefelde one Cowe././ Item I give to my godsonne Robert Rydge one ewelambe./ Item I give to Robert Arnefelde my godsonne one ewelambe {a} Item I give to Ales beiley one ewelambe {b} Item I give to my wyfe margery Arnefelde my best bedde withall the fourniture to the same belonnginge./ Item I give to my said wyfe the leasse of one closse Called Cowper felde, and toode hall, duringe the years in the same leasse specifyed to her onely use././ Item I give unto my sonne Raphe Arnefelde one potte././ Item I give to my said sonne Raphe the tow partes off one garner and a knoppe././ also wheras I have owinge me off Robert beiley off the sandyehill the Just somme of £20./ I give unto my sonne Thomas Arnefelde of the same debte - 33s. 4d. Item I give to my doughter Ales Arnefelde of the same debte - £6 13s. 4d./ Item I give to my sonne Jhone Arnefelde of the same debte - 33s. 4d././ Item I give unto my sonne Raphe Arnefelde of the same debte - £10./ Item my will is that my said sonne Raphe shall have three bushels of outes wich he lent unto me./ Item I give unto my said sonne Raphe the tow partes of my husbanddrye ware./ Item I make my said sonne Raphe Arnefeld myne assignes of my leasse off {c} the tythe corne wich I have taken of the Right honorable Earle off Shrewsburye, by the lycens of the said Earle.././ and after my forth bringinge and all funerall expences dischardged as is aforesaid, my will is then that the rest of my goodes unbequeathed, shalbe devyded into three partes, wherof my wyfe shall have the third parte, and the other tow partes shalbe devyded amonngtes my three youngest Chylddren (equally) that is to seay [betwix?] {1} Christofor, Arnefelde, Jhon [Arnefelde] {7} and Ales Arnefelde./ and of this my last will, and testament I make Chistofor [Amefelde?] {1} , and Jhon Arnefelde my sonns, my trew and lawfull executours, to see this my will performed as ray trust is in them unto my soules helth./

In the presence of us wittnesses, Jhon Arnefelde theelder Ottiwell Ridge, Houmfraye breddburie././

A trew Inventorie of all the goodes and catelles moveable and unmoveable of Robert Arnefeld of the brodhurste within the parishe of glossoppe and countie off darbiye yoeman deceassed and praised the 6 daye of Februarie: and in the 2 yeare of the raigne of our sovaringe ladye Elizabethe by the grace of god of Einglande France and Ierlande quene deffendoure of the faythe. etc./ by us Raphe bradleay, Edmunde Cleton Raphe garratte. houmfreay breadburye./ Anno domini 1579 [1580] {a}./

  £ s d
Inprimis 6 oxon 14 0 0
Item 4 twinter heaffers 3 4 0
3 styrkes
39 0
tow calves
14 0
3 barrain kyne 4 0 0
2 kyne with calves 3 0 0
one mare
44 0
one oulde mare
16 0
tow swyne
12 0
7 weathers
35 0
20 other sheppe 3 6 8
4 ewe lambes
10 0
Corne 3 0 0
40 0
one keare and a garner
20 0
waynes, plowghes harowes and other

husbanddrye ware
20 0
axes, nawgers and sawes
10 0
tow saddles and one brydle
6 8
his apparell
26 8
29 4
coverletes 3 5 0
33 4
featherbeddes, matreses and bowsters 3 10 0
seackes and windoweclothes
8 0
3 4
brasse pannes 4 0 0
brasse pottes
30 0
a candlesticke, a Chaffingdish tow

fryinge pannes and a hackinge knyfe
5 0
14 0
a broche, a cobtaurne, a payre of tonnges, grypes

rackns and a bread Iyerne
5 0
5 stondes and other [tryene?] {2} ware
10 0
tow arkes, a cofer, a turnell, 2 knoppes
46 4
and coffers

sickels and a sithe
2 4
a brandiyerne and a grediron

4 0
siffes, a chourne and 2 spinninge whyles
4 0
a counter
5 0
13 bordes {d}
3 0
meale and raalte
25 0
bife and backen
40 0
butter and Cheise
10 0
gyeise and hennes
2 0
Summa totalis 60 18 10
The holle Some 69 19 10
{1} Damaged.
{2} Illegible.
{5} Modernized date.
{7} Interlined.
{a} deleted: "also".
{b} deleted. "one: also"
{c} deleted: "with".
{d} deleted: "16d.?".

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