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Richard Warrington: probate 8th May 1601

In the name of god Amen. The 5th day of June in the 41th yeare of the raigne of Our Soveraigne Ladye Elizabeth that nowe is. Anno Domini 1599. I Richard Warrington of Thornset in the county of Derby Sheareman, sicke in bodye, but in mynde of good and perfect remembrance praysed be god, knowinge the certenty of deathe, and the uncertenty of the houre and tyme therof doe make this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge first I committ my soule to almighty god my maker trustinge throughe the merites of Christs passion to be one of gods elect, and my bodye to be buryed in the church of Glossopp where X am a parishnoure. Item I give and assigne to Ellen Warrington my wife all my goodes and cattels together wth all howses and groundes that I have taken of any person or persons for and duringe her naturall life, she discharginge and payinge my debtes, And after her decease, and my debtes and funerall expences discharged of my goods and groundes, my will is, that Ottiwell Warrington my brother shall have and injoye the residue of my tearme in that mese and grounde called hodghey at the sight and discretion of myne overseers heareafter named.
And of this my last will and testament I make and ordayne Ellen Warrington my wife myne executrix, And John Warrington, nycholas Warrington my brethren and Robert Rydgway myne overseers, trustinge the will see this this my last will and testament in all poyntes discharged to the health of my soule. And all other wills executours and overseers by me heartofore made I utterly disannull and this to stand in force.

Debtes that I owe are theise

  £ s d
Imprimis to Leonarde Barber 5 0 0
Item nycholas Warrington my brother 4 10 0
Thomas Melloure of Betfeilde 3 0 0
Robert Warrington my nephewe
10 0
Margret Barnes
40 0
William Bramall
46 8
Thomas Burdincan
18 0
Raphe hyde
9 0
Robert hadfelde
13 0
Suma debitorum [Sum of the debts]{4}{a}{b} 19 2 8

signum [mark of] {4} Richardi Warrington

Debte owmge to me was {c}

  £ s d
Edward Downes
10 0
Item Thomas haywarde
5 4
William Wylde

frances Barnes

{6}   17 8

Theise wittneses
[Henrie Nedhame] {7}
Thomas Warrington
Thomas Gee and
Gualter normansell

A true Inventorye of all the goodes and cattell moveable and unmoveable of Richarde Warrington of Thornsetbanke in the county of Derby Sheareman lately deceased, pryced and valued. by Raphe Armfelde Thomas Stafforde, Raphe Melloure and John Sykes the 21th day of July in the yeare of our lorde god 1599

  £ s d
Imprimis one cowe
40 0
Item three Stirkes
56 8
three yonge calves
26 8
one mare and a foie
46 8
sheepe yonge and oulde 4 0 0
a yonge Swyne
8 0
in beddinge 3 10 0
in woll
16 0
in brasse and pewter with two leades
46 8
two oulde arkes
8 0
three peare of bedstockes
3 4
in woden ware
6 8
two peare of Sheares
13 4
a spyninge wheele (e)

a piece of an oulde tenter {e}
10 0
a branderethe, pottrackes, tonnges and a spitt an axe
5 0
his purse, girdle and apparell
26 8
Summa totalis 23 6 8

Fiat Probacio testamenti introscripti secundum tenorem in illo contentum; et administracio bonorum quae fuere intro nominati testatoris; et Elenae Warington uxoris et Relictae dicti [defuncti] {f} testatoris nunc etiam defunctae priusquam onus execucionis testamenti supradicti in se suscepit: Nicholao Warrington fratri [naturali] {2} antedicti testatoris, salvo jure cuiuscunqe
Ob.[Obligatus?] {h} dictus Nicholaus Warrington de Lowers Pinner^^ botham infra hamletam de Thorsett in Comitatu Derb yeomen

[Let probate be made of the withinwritten will according to the meaning contained therein; and administration of the goods which belonged to the withinnamed testator; and Elena Warington wife and widow of the said testator now also dead before she undertook the charge of execution of the above said will: to Nicholas, [natural-born?] {2} brother of the aforesaid testator, the right of anyone whomsoever being excepted

[Bound?] {h} the said Nicholaus Warrington of Lowers Pinner botham within the hamlet of Thorsett in the County of Derby yeoman.] {4}

[signature] {2}

Lich' viij° Maii 1601
Testamentum Richardi Warington parochiae Glossop etc [Administracio?] {2} concessa secundum tenorem eiusdem Nicholao Warington fratri [naturali?] {2} : Ellena Warington Relicta defuncti executrice mortua

[Lichfield 8th May 1601 The will of Richard Warington of the parish of Glossop and is granted according to the meaning of the same to Nicholas Warrington his natural-born brother: Ellena Warington the widow of the deceased, the executrix, being dead.] {4}

{2} Illegible.
{4} Translation.
{6} Total supplied by transcribers.
{7} Interlined.
{a} £18 13s. 8d. deleted.
{b} 8s. Od. deleted.
{c} are, this, theisse - deleted.
{d} ? my good wiff £4 - deleted.
{e} Shearinborde and presse - deleted.
{f} defuncti - deleted.
{g} Idiosyncratic spelling of Lower Spinner Bottom.
{7} Uncertain extension.

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