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Richard Sylvester: probate 8th April 1597

In the name of God Amen the 23th day of Marche in the 39th Yeare of the Queenes Majesties Raigne and in the yeare of our Lord God - 1596[1597] {5}./ I Richard Selvester of the holecrofthouse, in the parishe of Glossop in the Countie of Derbie husbandman, Sicke in bodie but of good and perfect rememberaunce (Thankes be geven to God) doe make this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge./ First and principallie I comende my soule to Almightie God my maker Saviour and redeemer./ And lykewyse my bodie to be buryed in the parishe Church of Glossopp in such a conveniente place as shalbe thought good by my executers hereafter [named?] {1}.// Item my will is That my dettes payd my funerall expenses discharged upon my whole goodes and lykewyse an harryot payd after my death./ I geeve and bequeth to Richard Selvester my sonne the one halfe of all my goodes moveable and unmoveable whatsoever (except the Bedstockes, the Arke in the Barne, the Almerie and all the [husbandrie] {1} ware)./ Item I geeve and bequeth to James Selvester my eldest sonne fortie shillinges as a full discharge of his childes part and portion./ Item I geeve and bequeth to John Selvester my yongest sonne Fortie shillinges, tenn sheepe and one Cow which I gave to him and his wyffe./ Also I geeve to William Selvester my sonne all my bedstockes, the Arke in the Barne, the Almerie and all my husbandrie ware before excepted./ Also I geeve and bequeth to Ales my wyffe All such Corne and greyne as is sowen or [remaininge?] {1} upon my Farme or tenemente, And also all Such Menore mucke and lyme stones as is in or about my seyd tenemente which my seyd sonne Richard shall cleyme noe parte thereof. Item I geeve and bequeth to Anne daughter of James Selvester my sonne fortie shillinges./ Item I bequeth to margrett daughter of Ellen Selvester my sister twentie shillinges./ Item it is my full will [4 cms,] {1} Ellen Selvester my sister shalbe maynteyned and kept with my seyd wyffe and my seyd sonne William duringe her lyffe, with meate drincke lodginge apparell and other necessaries, yf [3 cms.] {1} to accept the same, she doinge such worke and laboure of my Beyd wyffe and William as she is able to doe./ And yf she refuse or be unwillinge to accept the same meytenance as afforeseyd, then in Lue thereof to have twentie shillinges yearely during her lyffe./ Item I geeve to Raphe Mellor my Nevie sonne of Humfrey Mellor fyve shillinges./ Item I geeve and bequeth to the seyd Ellen Margrett and Anne to everie of them soe muche woll as to make everie of them a peticote, yf they will spin it./ Item I bequeth to Richard Selvester and Ales Selvester children of my sonne James to eyther of them one ewe and a lambe./ Item I geeve to John Selvester sonne of John my sonne one ewe and a lambe,/ Item I geeve to Ales Selvester daughter of Richard my sonne one ewe and a lambe, All which former legacies it is my will the be discharged and payd by my executers, within one whole Yeare after my decease, The rest and remeynder of all my goodes and cattals moveable and unmoveable whatsoever, I geeve and bequeth to Ales my seyd wyffe to geeve and dispose at her will and pleasure./ And also I constitute and appoynte my welbeloved William Selvester and John Selvester my sonnes my executers of this my last will and testamente trustinge they will execute the same./ And I request William Bennett of the haughe, Thomas Beard of Shydyarde, Robert Downes of Baldbeard and James Selvester my eldest sonne to be Oversiers of this my last will and testament./

Dettes owinge to me the seyd Richard Selvester:

  £ s d
Imprimis Edward Downes   11 0
Item James Selvester for a mare foure markes {4} 2 13 4
the same James for a Cow   20 0
the same James of lent money   30 0
Richard Selvester my sonne of lent money   50 0
{6} 8 4 4

Dettes owinge by the seyd Richard

  £ s d
Imprimis to the wyffe of Ottwell Andrue 3 0 0
Item to Robert Hage of Chownall
40 0
to Robert Hyde
40 0
to Nicholus Mellor
26 8
to Margrett Selvester
33 4
to James Selvester 3 0 0
to William Bennett
12 0
to Richard Selvester
13 4
to James Brearley
2 10
to Raphe Andrue
3 0
to John Warrenton
2 6
to William Bennett the smith
2 0
to Thomas Yeveley
4 0
{6} 14 19 8

Sealled signed and delyvered in the presence of William Bennett, Thomas Beard, Raphe Andrue Robert Downes and Thomas Yeveley

Fiat probacio testamenti suprascripti et administracio bonorum dicti defuncti Executoribus in testamento nominatis./ commissio juramento Gualtero Normansell/ clerico Curato de Heyfield./
Willelmus [Savies/Sawnes?] {2} deputatus

[Let probate of the abovewritten will and administration of the goods of the said deceased be made to the Executores named in the will. Commission for the oath to Walter Normansell clerk curate of Heyfield
William [Savies/Sawnes?] {2} deputy]

A true Inventorie of all the goodes and cattels moveable and immoveable [? 4 cms.] {a} of Richard Selvester late deceased praysed and valued the second day of Aprill in the 39th yeare of the Queens Majesties Raigne Anno domini 1597./ By us whose names hereafter follow,./ William Rydge, Ottuell Fernelie, Ottuell Mellor, Laurence Pott, Raphe Hyde and Raphe Andrue./

  £ s d
Item one blacke Oxe 3 5 8
two steeres 5 0 0
one Cow and a calfe 3 0 0
two blacke kyne 5 6 8
Foure heyfers 9 6 8
two litle heyfers
56 8
two litle stirkes
40 0
one Coult 3 0 0
one Mare
26 8
one yonge Coult
30 0
three score and foure sheepe 16 0 0
two swyne
18 0
Come and Heye 3 6 8
Corne upon the ground 3 6 8
fyve pannes 3 6 8
three pottes, two skelletes, one chafinge dishe one Morter with a pestell with Leades
33 4
for pewter dishes
6 8
two spittes, one peere of gobertes, one peare of potthookes, one brund Iron, one bread Iron with all Iron ware
5 4
three axes
2 6
for Waynes, plowes, yokes harrowes with all other husbandrie ware
20 0
three arkes
6 8
two litle arkes
2 0
for Beddinge 4 13 4
for his apparell and his purse
20 0
for two swyne trees

for one Turnell with all other woodden ware
6 8
for salt fleshe in the house
20 0
three seckes
6 0
for bordes, cheeres, stoles and all houshold ware
3 0
two stones of hempe
7 4
for Woll
10 0
Summa totalis 77 10 0
{1} Damaged.
{4} Archaic money converted to £sd. or translation of Latin.
{6} Total supplied by transcribers
{a} Deleted, illegible.

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