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Richard Bramall: probate 12th June 1598

In the name of god amen etc. {a} the 15th daye of maye and in the yeare of our lord god one thousande fivehondrethe fore score and eightine [1598] {5} I Richard Bramall of thorssetfyeld in the paryshe of glossope and countie of darbye husbandman beinge secke in bodie but of good mynde and perfect remembraunce god be praysed doe ordayne and macke this my laste will and testament in such manner and forme as hearafter dothe folowe/ first I geve and bequeathe my soule to allmightie god my only savyoure and redemer and my bodye to be buryed in the cearche or chearcheyarde of glossope aforesayde Item it is my will that I be brought forthe of my whole goodes Item I geve to 3 chyldrene of George waynwryght every one of them 12d. Item to twoe chyldrene of william Robothame of hollines eter of them 12d. Item I geve to my sonne Ottiwell Bramall one harrowe one dongeforke and one payre of whyles Item I geve to my sonne Jhone Bramall twoe beast hydes tanned Item it is my will that which of my sonnes soever hathe my house shall lett Agnis my doughter have a bedroume withinne Item it is my will that after my funerall expences deptes legases and duties be discharged and payde of my whole goodes as aforesayde all that reymayneth bothe my goodes and cateles moveable and Immovable deptes and duties in whose handes costodye or kypynge it or the shalbe in I geve to my fore chyldren to witt william Bramall Elizabethe Jonne and Agnis Bramall my doughteres equally to be devyded amounge them ech of them there equall porsciones/ Item I make william Bramall my sonne my lawfull and full executer of this my last will and testament Item I make Thomas Heaward yonger and Henrye Howarde overseeores of this my last will that it be well and trwlye performed and kypte accordinge to the trewe meaninge hearof these beinge wittnesses Roberte Hyde Edwarde Robotham Thomas Walklate and Thomas Arnfede with others./

Deptes which are owinge to me Richard Bramalle

  £ s d
Imprimis Thomas Arnfelde   11 0
Item Edwarde Robotham   16 0
William Bordname     5
Jhon Harroppe   2 0
{6} 1 9 5

Deptes which I do owe

  £ s d
Imprimis to Jhon Harrope   9 4
Item to Thomas Mellor   13 4
to William Bramall my sonne   13 4
{6} 1 16 0

A trewe Inventorye of all the goodes and catelles movable and imovable of Richarde Bramall deceased rated and apprysed the 20th daye of maye Anno Domini 1598 by fore honeste men Edmunde Robotham de ringstones Thomas Godderte Robert Ridgwaye and Edwarde Robothame de hollines.//

  £ s d
Imprimis fore kyne 8 0 0
Item one oxe 3 6 8
twoe twinter bolockes {b} 3 13 4
twoe stierkes
33 4
ten sheepe
33 4
one calfe
6 8
one nagge and a fyllye 5 0 0
one swyne
10 0
in dry ottes and malte 3 0 0
in corne one the grounde 5 0 0
in barke and lether 4 6 8
in pewter and bracss
20 0
his larder meat
10 0
in beddinge and all other leniences belonging to the house 3 6 8
in arkes and bedstokes
17 0
his husbandree ware
6 8
in Irone ware
6 8
in polline

in apparell and his pourse
20 0
Summa totalis 43 18 0

Fiat probacio Testaraenti [facti?] {2} retroscripti et administracio bonorum eiusdem defuncti Executori in Testamento nominato:/
[Jo. Tailer] {2} [signed]

[Let probate of the will [made?] written overleaf and administration of the goods of the same deceased be granted to the Executor named in the will
[Jo. Tailer] {2} [signed]]

{2} Illegible.
{4} Translated.
{5} Modern date.
{6} Total supplied by transcribers.
{a} "I Richard Bramall" deleted.
{b} 8d. deleted.

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