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Ralph Bradbury, 30th June 1575

In the name off god Amen/ Anno domini 1573, I Raphe Bradbury at the Abothtry in the whyttyll hamlett in the parishe off glossope in the Countie off derbie gentelman beinge Syke in bodye but thankes be gyven Unto all myghtey god off good and perfytte Remembrance doe make thys my laste testamente and wyll in maner and Forme Followinge: Fyrste I doe offere and bequethe my Soole unto all myghtie god my onley Savioure And Redimer/ And I wyll that my bodye be buryed in the paryshe churche off all hallowys off glossope/ Also I geve And bequeth unto Elyzabeth my welbeloved wyffe 40s. yerly durynge all her naturall lyffe to be paid in Curente Englyshe money at two Severall Feastes in the yere At the handes off nicholas bradburey my brother or hys heres or Assignes duringe all the lyffe off the Above named Elyzabeth, Accordinge unto certen covenantes made betwyxte the Sayd Raphe bradbury and the Above named nicholas bradbury his Sayd brother as more at large it doth pleanley Apeare betwyxte them by specyallytye and one obligacion in Somme off Fore hunderyth poundes for the performacyon off the partie/ whiche nicholas bradbury and hys heyres Standyth boundeth to paye and performe in certene Covenantes in [the] {7} Same specialltie/ Also I gyve thomas Smyth other ways called bredbury my sonne 20s. yerlie durynge all hys naturall lyffe by the forsayd Covenantes to be paid by the sayd nycholas bradbury and hys heres the aforesayd 20s.: All the Residue off my goodes and I honestley browth home I geve and bequeth to Elyzabeth my wyffe: And off thys my last will and Testament I orden And make my executores Edmunde Cleton off the Strynes Thomas Rowlynson the younger Thomas Smyth otherwayes Thomas bradburye And Elyzabeth my wyffe: And Supervisor hereof I constitute orden And make my Ryght wurshypffull master master Davemporte off bramall knyght Dwellinge wythin the Countie of Chester as my Truste and confidence ys in hym. theys beinge wyttnes Robert Armefelde humffre bredbury off Ladishabothum and Randell Stafforde wyth dyvers other

The Inventory off All the goodes quicke And deade movable And Unmoable off Raphe bredbury off the abbothtry Lateley Disceassed

  £ s d
In Primis one Cowe And      
And A calff precium [price] {4}   40 0
Item one great pane   13 4
one litell pane     8
[one] {7} Brasse potte   6 0
one leade     12
one Chaffingdyshe     12
one Candelstycke     6
one fetherbeade   10 0
foure Coverletes   20 0
Two blanketes     12
foure Shydes   10 0
12 yeardes of the great off flaxe   6 0
one Stone off flaxe   6 0
foure Arkes   3 4
in Fyreware     14
in Tryneware     16
Suma totalis 6 0 16
{4} Translated.
{7} Interlined.

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