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Ralph Andrew, probate 15th April 1547

[NB It is uncertain whether this testator lived in the New Mills area.]

In the name of god Amen the 9th day of {a} October the yere of the {b} Reigne of our soverayn lord kyng henry the 8th by the grace of god of England france and Ireland kyng defender of the fayth and in erth of the church of England and Ireland Immediatly onder god supreme hede the 38te [1546] {5} I Raffe Andrew beyng secke in body but of good and perfytt Remembrance do make my last wyll and testament as hereafter folowyth first and before all thinges I bequeth [my?] {1} soule [to Allmighty?] {1} god and my body to be buryed wher as my executors shall Appoynt the bestowyng of all such goodes both movable and unmovabull I wyll that my brother Robert Andrew and John Andrew shall have to pay such dettes as I doe owe and to Receve all such dettes as ar dew to me the wich hereafter folowith fyrst the kyng owith [me?] {1} for 3 monethes wages and 5 days 44s. sterling And gregory Eyre owith me £10 sterling the which £10 I lent hym to pay his Rannsom as it doth Appere by a byll of his own hande wryting Item I owe to Oliver [knowlles?] {2} my [...ttlerer] {1} 26s. 9d. Item I do gyve my brother Robert Andrew and to thomas a fryth as muche power and intrest in william bothomes last will and testament as I have now by the vertue {c} and [streinght?]{2} of executors shype yf {d} that I do chance to dye to clayme and to Receyve all such all such dettes as are dew unto the said wyllyam ether on this syd or ells on the other syde and all such stuff as he hath to gage at wyllyam a [nowtownes/newtownes?] {2} and to pay all such dettes as the said wyllyam doth ow I gyve to my brother Robert 20s. and to homfrey 20s. and to Edmond 30s. and to my brother John 10s. to be pay {e} out of the £10 that gregory Eyre doth owe me the Resydew of the said £10 I gyve and bequeth to my doughter margarett Item I gyve to Robert a mersyton 5s. sterling Item to homfrey fryth 5s. sterling Item to peter padley 10s. The Resydew of All my goodes both movabull and unmoveabull I gyve and bequeth to Robert Andrew and to John my brothers whome I doe constitute and make my full [and sole] {7} executors to performe and accomplysshe this my last will and testament my oversear I do make and put in trust my father ottywell Andrew to se {7} my executors fullfyll this my last will In wytnesse wheroff I have made this my last wyll in the presens of sir william fouler my gostly father thomas a fryth Robert a [mers....?] {1} umfrey fryth Robert Andrew nycollas barbar with dyvers other
[2 words] {2}

{1} Damaged.
{2} Illegible.
{5} Calendar date.
{7} Interlined.
{a} "maij" deleted.
{b} "Reg" deleted.
{c} "of" deleted.
{d} "it fortune" deleted.
{e} "of" deleted.
{f} "th..?" deleted.

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