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Ralph Andrew, probate 13th April 1540

[In dei nomine?]{1} Anno domini millesimo ccccc xxxvj decimo die mensis ianuarij Ego Radulphus Andrewe [compos?] {1} mentis saneque memorie condo testamentum meum in hunc modum in primis do et lego animam meam deo patri omnipotenti beate marie ac omnibus sanctis eius corpus que meum ad sepeliendum in Ecclesia omnium sanctorum de glossope

[In the name of God Amen in the year of the lord 1536 (1537) {5} on the tenth day of the month of January I Ralph Andrewe sound of mind and of healthy memory make my testament in this manner firstly I give and bequeath my soul to God the father omnipotent the blessed Mary and all his saints and my body to be buried in the church of All Saints of glossope]{4}

Also yt [ys my will?]{1} that wyllyam my son have and occupie the halffe off my tenemente after my decesse with lysaunce off the Lorde [and my?]{1} wyff to occupie the Oder alffe duryng her liffe and after her decesse willyam my son to have and occupie [all the ..?] {1} tenemente also I gyffe to margere my wyffe the chamber in the newe howse ende that stondes on the kynges comyn and as [much?]{1} more off the howse as that 4 men thynke resonable duryng her lyve and after her decesse she to gyff yt were please her and the reste off newe howse I gyffe to my 5 sons to be devoidit emonge them at the syght off 4 men also I gyffe to margere my wyffe the on off the redes medowys duryng the terme that I have payde Fore and o{a} yt ys my wyll that all my godes movabull and unmovabull be devoidit in 3 partes on parte to my selffe and anoder parte to my wyffe and the 3 parte [to my 5 sonnes?] {1} and my dettes to be paide on the holle gud my qwyddes and my bryngyn Forth on my parte also I gyffe to lawranse [my son?] {1} 16s. and to ottewell my son 10s. on my parte to remayne emonge my 5 sons also I ordeine and make my wyffe and [ottewell?] {1} andruw and rawffe my son my truw executures that thee may dispose this For the helth off my sowle and yff therbe [any?] {1} dyfferans betwene my wyffe and my chydryn or emonge my chylder then yt ys my wyll that thei shall stande and [abyde ....?] {1} the dome and awarde off ottewell andrw John eyre Edwarde downes and John berde yn devoidyng off all my godes [movabull?] {1} and unmovabull and in all Oder cawses and yff these 4 men can nott agre them thei to take to them rychard berde and raffe brydbury gentylmen to helpe them and also yt ys my wyll that all my chylder shall have all theire owne gud Fre and owte of dole these [wyttenes?] {2}{b} ottewell mellur rychard brammall renold pott with Oder moo

Memorandum that this ben the goodes of Raffe Andrew the sowmme of his goodes and the pryce of them/ In primis [First]{4} the come 64s. the best catell £10 the capulles 23s. and 4d. also the shepe 8s. 8d. the barke howse and all therto belongyng £6 13s. 8d. Instew{c} and beddynge within howse 26s. 8d.
[£22 16s. 4d.]{6}

{1} Damaged.
{2} Illegible.
{4} Translation.
{5} Modernised date.
{6} Total supplied by transcribers.
{a} "o" with an extension mark; meaning uncertain.
{b} "that all my chylder shall have" - deleted.
{c} Written as one word but may be two; i.e. In stew.

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