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Ralph Andrewe: probate 24th July 1607

In the Name [of God?] {1} Amen the Sixte daie of Julie in the yeare of our Lord God, 1607: And in the Yeare of the Raigne of our moste gratious soveraign Lord James by the grace of God Kinge of England Scotland Fraunce and Ireland Defender of the Faith etc: That is to saie of England Fraunce and Ireland the Fyste and of Scotland the [Fortithe?] {1} I Raphe Andrewe of the hoalehowse in the parishe of Glossop and Countie of Darbie Tanner, beinge in good and perfect Remembrance praised be god: Doe make this my laste will and testament in Manner and forme followinge: Firste I Comytt my Soule to thalmightie my maker and Redeemer trustinge through the Merittes of Christe Jesus to be one of his Electe: And my bodie to be buried in the Churche of Glossopp: and for my wordlie goodes to be disposed: As hereafter followeth: Firste my mind and will is that my Debtes and funerall expences shalbe taken and paid out of my whole goodes: Item I give and bequeathe to William Andrewe my sonne, twoo of my beste Oxen, and twoo of my beste kyne: Item I give and bequeathe to Joane his wiefe one Cowe: Item I give and bequeathe to Raphe Andrewe and William Andrewe my grandchildren, eache of them half a dicker of leather and the tanninge of soe muche soe longe as the barke which I shall dye possessed of shall laste. And to Elizabeth Andrew my grand Child one heffer: Item my mind and will is. And I give and bequeathe to Ales Andrewe my daughter, the somme of Fyftie powndes, and to be Arayed bedd and back. And the same to be hadd and taken out of my whole goodes: Item I give and bequeathe to Anne my wieffe the third parte of all my goodes: Item I give and bequeath to Elizabeth Ridgewaie my daughter and to Alice Ridgewaie my grandchild eyther of them 33s. 4d. which my sonne in lawe Roberte Ridgewaie owethe unto me: Item I give to my daughter Ellen 33s. 4d.: Item I give to Margrett Hyde my daughter 33s. 4d. which her husband Raphe Hyde owethe unto me: Item to my grandchildren eache of them 2s. 6d. Item to my brother Nycholas Andrewe 3s. 4d. and one Jerkin: Item to Thomas Bradburie of Kynder 3s. 4d. Item to Otywell Waterhowse and John Ratcliffe my servantes eyther of them, 2s. Item to my god Childrenn each of them, 6d. Item I give the reste of all my goodes, one harriott beinge paid, togeyther with all my Husbandrie ware and my greate Keyre in the Lymehowse, to my sonne William and to his wiefe and Children (my wiefe havinge the third part of my husbandrie Ware duringe her liefe: Item I make Constitute and ordeyn Anne my wieffe and William Andrew my sonne executors of this my laste will and testament. And John Bowdon and James Carington of Buggesworthe mine Overseers: And all other Willes by me heretofore made I utterlie disanull And this onelie to stand Force: In Wittnes Whereof I have hereunto sett my hand the daie and Yeare Abovewritten in the presence of these Otywell Waterhowse John Rattclieffe with others./

Debtes owinge unto me./

  £ s d
Inprimis William Robothom 4 9 0
Thomas Stafford
33 4
Anthonie Shoare
26 9
Edward Kyrke Fower markes {4} 2 13 4
George Jodrell
20 0
Otywell Mellor
7 0
John Potter
18 0
Widowe Turner
6 8
Thomas Copelande
6 8
George Marsland 4 6 8
George Swindells 3 2 0
Roberte Hadfeld
20 0
George Wodd
20 0
{6} 22 0 5

fiat probacio testamenti suprascripti et administracio bonorum dicti defuncti Executoribus in testamento nominatis./ Commissio ministro de Glossop
[signature] {2}

[Let probate of the abovewritten will and administration of the goods of the said deceased be granted to the Executors named in the will. Commission to the minister of Glossop] {4}

A true and perfect Inventorie of all the goodes and Cattelles Mooveable and Imooveable of the late deceassed Raphe Andrewe (of the hoalehowse in the parishe of Glossopp and Countie of Darbie) prazed and valued the twentithe 20 daie of Julie in Anno domini 1607: by Thomas Beard William Bennett Roberte Carington and Lawrence Kerke./

  £ s d
Inprimis his horse saddle and bridle
53 4
Item his Apparell puree and girdle
20 0
twoo horses 2 6 8
twoo greate Oxen 8 13 4
fower steares 11 0 0
Nyne Kyne 19 0 0
eight yonge beastes 10 13 4
70 sheepe 10 0 0
twoo swyne
26 8
in Pullen
5 0
in Leather and barke 50 0 0
one garner and all arkes and Coffers 3 0 0
all husbandrie Ware 3 6 8
in Corne on the feild 6 13 4
in Meale and Mault
53 4
in Wolle 2 0 0
in beddinge and bedstockes 10 0 0
brasse and pewter 5 0 0
bordes formes and Chaires
10 0
all treynte ware with all other ware belonginge to huswifferie
13 4
flesh and whitt meate
20 0
sackes window sheetes and quishons
16 0
broches goebertes and brandritt
5 0
one heare
6 8
Packsaddles wantoes and oveleys
4 0
10 0
Summa 163 18 4

Also there is 3 weyning calves and one yonge beaste all which are preysed by three of the before mentioned apprysers to [£2 10s.] {a}

Also thereis a lease of a parcell of ground which is preysed by three of the before mentioned appryseres to £5

{1} Damaged.
{2} Illegible.
{4} Tranlation of archaic money and Latin.
{6} Total supplied by the transcribers.
{a} Bawdon - deleted.
{b} £2 10s. deleted.

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