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Ottiwell Bramhall: probate 5th June 1605

[NB Several folds have obscured a number of words. Where an informed guess is possible, words have been put into brackets marked {1}. Where no guess can be made, a question mark in brackets marked {1} has been shown.]

In the name of god Amen, the 9th day of April1 1602 Anno Regni [Regine]{1} nostre Elizabeth etc Quadragessimo Quarto [in the forty fourth year of the reign of our Queen Elizabeth] {4} etc. I Ottywell Bramhall of Thornsett fieldes in the Countye of derbye [husbandman] {1} beinge in goode and perfecte health and Remembrance, and knowenge that as death ys to every man certen so the houre and tyme [thereof] {1} ys most uncerten, do therefore ordayne and make this my last will and testament in maner and forme followinge/ [First I] {1} geve and bequeath my soule into the handes of Almightye god my Creator and redemer, And my bodye I comytt to the [earth] {1} whereof yt was formed with full and stydfaste hope of my Salvation in Jesus [Christ] {1} my onlye Savyor [and Redemer] {1} / Item yt ys my will and mynde that my debtes (suche as at my deceasse I shall [owe] {1} unto any person [together] {1} with my funerall exspences and home bringinge) shall by my Executor hereafter named be taken upp [payd and] {1} dyscharged of and forth of my whole goodes/ And after that done yt ys my will and mynd That the resydew [that remayne] {1} of all and singuler my goodes Cattells and credyttes shalbe devyded into Two [equal] {1} and even portyons/ [which] {1} said two portions the one of them I geve and bequeth unto my welbeloved wyffe Ellin Bramall to [her owne] {1} soale and proper use And the other of the said 2 portions I reserve to my self to and for [the] {1} performinge and accompl [ ishinge] {1} of the legacies and bequestes hereafter in this my said last will and testament bequeathed and [given] {1} / That ys to say [I] {1} geve and bequeth unto my welbeloved brother William Bramall the some of 12d./ To my Brother John Bramall 12[d./ To] {1} my Syster Margaret Waynewright 12d./ to my syster Elizabeth newton 12d. to my [syster] {1} Jane Bamforde [12d.?] {1} To my syster grace Roobothame 12d./ and to my syster Anne Bramall 12d. lykewyse And So many of [my said?] {1} Bretherin or systers as shall happen to dye before me the said Ottywell every one of [their?] {1} legacyes so [deceassed are?] {1} to remayne to my said executor to the performinge of this my said last will and testament/ And the rest and resydew of [the?] {1} said portion of goodes cattells and credyttes to me reservd after the legacies and bequestes of the said deducted and [taken?] {1} forth and geven, I geve and bequeth whollye unto my [Right] {1} welbeloved wyffe the said [Ellin] {1} Bramhall And [of?] {1} this my said last will and testament I make and apoynte the [said?] {1} Ellin Bramall my said wyffe soale executryxe [?] {1} and cause this my said last will and testament performed [and?] {1} fulfylled as my trust and hope [in?] {1} her ys/ In [wytness] {1} whereof to this my said testament and last will I the said Ottywell Bramhall have put my hande and [seale?] {1} the day and year abovesaid

Wytnesses hereof
Edmunde Barlow
Richarde Barlow
Raphe Hartley

Fiat probacio testamenti [supra]scripti {1} et administracio bonorum dicti defuncti Executrici in testamento [nominate?] {1}
[Hurleston?] {2} deputatus
[Let the probate of the abovewritten will and administration of the goods of the said deceased be made to the executrix named in the will.
[Hurleston? deputy] {4}

A trewe and perfecte Inventorye of all [the] {1} goodes and Cattells of Ottywell Bramhall late of [Thorsett] {1} fieldes within the Countye of Derbye [husbandman deceased] {1} taken and made the 23th of may [1605] [2 cms.] {1} by Edmonde Roobotham, Edwarde [2 cms.] {1} John Bramhall and Nycholas hyde as [followeth?] {1}

  £ s d
In primis one mare
50 0
Item one kowe
32 0
one Styrke
26 8
one calf
20 0
one other calf
6 8
one swyne
6 8
6 Sheepe
28 0
in pewter and Brasse
20 0
in Iron ware
8 0
in beddinge
53 4
in arkes Coffers bordes and all other wodden ware
30 0
in meale and malte
15 0
in Salte flesshe
8 0
A payre of wayvers loomes with the gayres or furnyture to yt
13 4
in Corne soen uppon the grounde
46 8
in manureinge or mucke
2 0
[in apparell?] {1} with purse and gyrdle
13 4
Summa bonorum predictorum [Sum of the above quoted goods] {4} 18 3 0

Debtes owinge by the said Ottywell Bramhall at his decease

  £ s d
first to his syster Anne Bramhall
20 0
Item more to one {a} of padfelde
6 0
{1} Damaged.
{4} Translation.
{a} Left blank by the scribe.

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