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Ottiwell Andrewe: probate 3rd April 1587

In the name of god Amen The 16th daye februarie in the 29th yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Ladie Elizabeth by the grace of god of Englande France and Irelande Queene defender of the faith etc. And in the yeare of our lorde god one thousande fyve hundreth, fourscore and six [1587] {5} ./ I Ottiwell Andrewe of Gybhay in Ollerseat in the parish of Glossopp in the countie of Derbie husbandman beinge in good and perfect health and memorie prayse be unto god, and knowinge death to be Nayre, but the hour therof to be uncertayne, and verie willinge to leave all to me belonginge in perfect maner and ordour, doe ordayne and make this my present testament contayninge hearin my last will in maner and forme followinge, That is to saye first and principallie I geve and bequeth my soule to almightie god myne onlie creator redimer and saviour throughe the merits of whose passion and most holie death of the crosse I faithfullie trust to be one of the number of his elect, and my bodie I comite to the earth in decent maner for my callinge to be buriede in place wherto myne executors hearafter namede it shalbe thought most connveinent./ Also my will is that Agnes Andrewe now my wyfe and William Andrewe my sonne shall have, houlde, use, and occupie Imediatlie after my decease all my whole tearme and termes wich I nowe have, or heartofore have taken by lease of Indentuer or otherwyse, of all and everye person and persons together with all maner of lease, leasses wrytings right and demande of and in and to the same. To them the saide Agnes and william accordinge to the effect and true mayninge of this my present last {a} and testament Joyntlye and severallie at there pleasuers, duringe their lives naturall, and the longer liver of them, and to the assignes of the longer liver of them, payinge and doinge the rentes duties services and things of right to be paide for the same, as the heartofor have bene paide and done by me or myne assignes./ Item I will that after my debts, funerall expences and legacyes bee made payde and dischargede of my whole goods, the rest and remainder of all and all maner my goods and catteles what and whersoever as well moveable as unmoveable shall equallye bee devydede in [to] {7} tow parts, the one part wherof I give to the saide Agnes my saide wyfe, and The other parte I geve to the saide William my said sonne, Provydede alwayes that yf my saide sonne William refuse to take his mothers advyse in takinge him a wyfe, then my will and mynde is, that he shall have but the thride part of all my whole terme and tearmes which I nowe have, or heartofore have taken by lease of Indentuer or otherwyse of all and everye person and persons, payinge therefore the threde parte of all rents duties, servises and things of right to be paide for the same, and also hee to have the threde part of all my goods moveable and unmoveable./ And of this my present last will and testament, I doe ordayne, constituete and make the saide Agnes my wyfe, and Raphe Garrett of Hayfelde my true and lawfull executours all things hearin contaynede, to doe and cause to be done accordinge to the true mayninge hearof, as my faythfull trust ys in them, unto the wich saide Raphe for his paynes, in signe of remembrance, I give three shillings four pence, And Ottiwell fernelighe and Rycharde Silvester myne oversyers unto whom for their paynes, I give to ether of them three shillings four pence////

The wittnesses be theise
Raphe Mellour
John Silvester
Gualther Normansell

Debts owinge to me are theis

  £ s d
Inprimis Master Hyde de Longleygh   13 4
Item Raphe Hyde and John Hyde de Newmyll 3 0 0
the wyfe George Woode   27 4
Christopher Cleaton   10 0
the wyfe of John Armfelde de litle Heyfelde   10 0
Raphe Benet de Phosete   4 0
{6} 6 4 8

A true and lawfull Inventory of all the goods and catels as well movable as of Otiwell Anderewe of the Gibhaye Late deseased pryced and valued the first day of Marche and in the 29th yeare of the Raynge of our soverayng Lady Elizabeth by the grace of god etc by Thomas Moulte, Rapth meller./ Rapth Anderewe and Richard Selvester

  £ s d
Inprimis for 3 oxen 8 0 0
Item for 5 keyne 10 0 0
for a farowe cowe and an incalf heafer 3 6 8
for 2 Twinter bullocks

and 2 Twinters heafers 5 6 8
for 6 calfes 4 0 0
for a horse 2 0 0
for 3 skore Shepe and Tenne 7 0 0
for 2 Swyne
13 4
for corne in the barne 4 0 0
for haye
33 4
for meale and Mault 3 8 0
for beffe and bacone 2 0 0
for 2 arks
13 4
for 2 Litell arks and a cofer
5 0
for 4 coverlets
24 0
for 4 other ould coverlets
12 0
for 8 blanckets
16 0
for 2 peare of Shits
13 4
for other 3 peare of Shites
6 0
for 4 Seckes
8 0
for brasse and pewter
26 8
for a brundyorne and a spit
3 0
for a ploughe and a harowe
4 0
3 peare of bedstockes and 3 Litell Lomes and a water collocke with all other Implements
5 0
Summa totalis 58 4 4

Fiat probacio retroscripti testamenti et administracio executoribus in dicto testamento nominatis et commissio ad Recipiendum juramentum Agnetis executricis vicario de Glossopp [illegible signature]

[Let the probate of the will written overleaf and the administration be made to the executors named in the said will and the commission to the vicar of Glossop for receiving the oath of Agnes the executrix] {4}

{1} Damaged.
{4} Translation of Latin.
{5} Modernised date.
{6} Total supplied by the transcribers.
{7} Interlined.
{a} "will" omitted in the text.

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