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Nicholas Bradbury, probate 2nd August 1575

In the name of god amen the 14 daye of the monethe of July in the yeare of our Lord god a thousand fyve hundrethe thre schore and 14 I Nicholas Bradburie of Ollersett in the countye of Derby gentelman sicke in body but of good and perfect remembrance (laud and prayse be geven to almyghtie god) make my Testament conteyninge herein my Last will in maner and forme folowinge. That is to say I geve and bequethe my soule to almyghtie god my maker and Redemer and my body to be buried in the Churche or Chapell at Disley by the Lycence of the Right worshipfull Sir Peter Leghe knyght Item I will and my mynde is that all suche debtes as I doe owe to any person or persons be well and truly payde by my executors hereafter namede or appoynted of my whole goodes/ And my debts beinge payed of my whole goods I will that the rest of all my goodes, Catell and debtes be devyded into thre equall partes or porcions, one to my selfe to discharde my funeralls, the Seconde to my wyf, and the thrid to my childeren to be equally devyded amoungest them/ And my funeralls beinge discharged I geve the rest of my part To John and Thurstan Brydburye sonnes of Lorance Bradburie deceased, and to John Sengleton and Jane Sengleton childeren To John Sengleton to be equally devyded amoungest them by the discretion of my sonne Robert. Item I geve graunte and assigne to Jane my daughter fourtye markes [£26 13s. 4d.] {4} of Lawfull Monye of England to be payde yerelye to the hands of Raphe Mellor by the handes of Robert Bradburie my sonne and heyre in maner and forme folowinge that is to witt yearly £3 6s. 8d. at the feastes and dayes accustomed untell the said Some of fourtie Markes be be to the sayd Raphe his executores or Assiges to the use and behoufe of the said Jane well and truly contented and payde out of one Milne commonly called the newe Mylne as at Large apperethe by one writinge Indented had and made betwine Me The sayd nycholas of thonpart And the sayde Robert Bridurie of thoderparty beringe the date the second day of Februarie in the Sixtenthe yeare of the Raigne of our Soverigne Lady Elyzabethe [1574] {5} by the grace of god of England France and Irel Land Quene deffender of the faithe etc./ And I geve and bequethe the rest of all suche yearly [Rent?] {1} of £3 6s. 8d. by yearly ishuinge and goinge out of the sayd Newe Milne as is or shall fortune [2.5 cms] {1} and unpayde over the sayde fourtye Markes to my younger sonnes as my executores and oversiers [1.5cm] {1} thinke most [n..d?] {1} and the same to be receved by my executors accordinge to the true meanynge of the said writinge indented./ Item I will and my mynd is and I doe geve, grante and assigne to John Bradburie thelder Nycholas Brydburie Edmunde Brydbury and John Bradburie my sonnes [all] {7} and every suche and those Meassuage, Landes, tenemente and hereditamentes Together with all suche annuall Rentes as be severally mentioned in the saide writinge Indented, To have and to hould the same to them and there assiges accordinge to the trewe intent and meanynge of the same writinge indented. Item I ordayne make and constitute Chatheren my wyf and the sayd John thelder my true and Lawfull Executores of this my present will and Testament unpon condicion the sayd Catharen and John wilbe and stand bounden either to other before the probation of this my present wyll by their sufficient writinge Obligatorie in the some of thre hundreth pounds that the nor ether of them shall [in?] {1} any maner Release or discharge to any person or personns or doe any act or thinge, but that this present will shall and may be performed in all causes with effect/ And if the sayd Catharen or John doe denye to be stand boundon in maner and forme aforesayd, Then I will and my mynd is That suche persons so denyinge shall [not?] {1} have any estate, title or interest by this my will to be my executores, but that thoder person shall and may be my sole executor or executrixe of this my present will and Testament/ And I ordayne and authoryse the right worshipfull Ser Peter Lighe knyght and John warren Esquyer supervisors of the same to see the same performed in all respectes with effect./ The personns whose names be subscribed beinge required to be witnesse In witnesse whereof hereunto I have sett my hand and Seale./// witnes william Beard gentleman. Raphe Mellor, [william?] {1} keyech: and others

Debita que mihi debentur [Debts which are owing to me] {4}

  £ s d
Inprimis Edward Hyde   36 4
[Inter/Item?] {2} John warrenton of the newe Milne      
Inprimis Edward Hyde   36 4

debita que debeo [Debts which I owe]

  £ s d
Inprimis to Laurance Bridburie and Thomas Bridburye   28 0
Item to Alexander Lowe   3 0
to william warrington of the Newe   15 0
George Birch of Manchester   3 6
John Bridburie of the Spynnerb[otham?] {1}   ?{1}  
Richard Colsell   ?{1}  

The Inventorie indented of all the goodes and cattails of Nycholas Bradburie of Ollersett late decessed in the parishe of glossopp in the county of derby gentleman presed by these foure men Ottuell Andrewe, Raphe Andrewe, Thomas S windells, and Edward Downes, the 15 day of October./

  £ s d
In primis A fetherbed and 2 boulsters   20 0
Item a Bedhilling   3 4
2 olde Materisses   6 8
2 old Coverlettes   6 8
4 old shittes   4 0
in peuter   4 4
in Brasse   7 0
in Cobertes and a brouche   4 8
in old seckes and on windoshite   2 8
fyve Cusshens   2 0
in woden ware   2 6
Suma totalis 3 3 10
{1} Damaged.
{2} Illegible.
{4} Translated.
{5} Calendar date.
{7} Interlined.

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