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John Warrington: probate 31st March 1604

In the name of god amen, the fyve and twentythe daye of Januarye in the yeare of our Lord god one thousand six hundred and three [1604] {5} and in the yeare of the Raygne of our Soveraygne Lord kinge James by the grace of god of England Fraunce and Ireland (defender of the fayth) the firste and of Scotland the seven and thritteeth etc/ I John Warington of newmilne within the countie of Derbie and parrishe of Glossopp Sherman, beinge sycke in bodye but of good and perfect mynde and memorye praysed be god, doe make, ordeyne and declare this my laste will and testament in manner and fourme followinge: that is first and principallye I Committ and bequeathe my soule into the handes of almightie god trusting by the merrytes of his sonne Jesus Chryste my saviour to enjoye in soule and bodye those unspeakable Joyes prepared for all the children of god: and my bodie I committ to the earth whereof it was made, to be buried in the parrishe Church of Tacksall./ Item I doe give and bequeathe unto Henrie Warrington my sonne, twentye poundes: the one halfe thereof to be payd unto him at or before the seventh daye of Julye commonly called beckkets daye next to comme, and the other halfe to be payd within one whole yeare next after the same tyme: Item I doe give unto the sayd Henrie one good and sufficient bed, Item I doe give unto the sayd Henrie the best payre of Sheares that he can Choose in the Shoppe, Item I doe give unto the sayd Henrie two dosen of taynteringe. Item I doe give unto the sayd Henrie the fourth payre of Sheares (to witt) the best payre exept three, Item I doe give unto the sayd Henrie one Coffer, Item I doe give and bequeathe unto Richard Warrington my sonne twelvpence for and in the name and stid of all his chyldsparte of goodes./ Item it is my will that John Warrington and Henrie Warrington, my sonnes shall paye equally betweene them unto Jane Warrington alias Haldsworth fortie shillinges, Item I doe give unto my brother Ottiwell Warrington all my apparrell. Item it is my will that John Warrington my sonne shall paye unto Robert Warrington (alias Marchinton) six shillinges and eightpence and that my sonne Henrie shall paye unto the sayd Robert three shillinges and fourepence: Item it is my will that after I be forthe brought my dettes legaces and funerall expences clearly discharged [payd] {7} finished and donne of my whole goodes, that then the rest of my goodes remayninge and not bequeathed shall remayne equally unto Margrett my wyffe and John my sonne: and I doe also make and appoynte the sayd Margrett my welbeloved wyffe and John my sonne the executores of this my last will to see the same performed and fulfilled accordinge to the true entent and meaninge thereof./

Theise beinge witnesses of this my sayd will Raphe Hyde, Nicholas Warington, Thomas Warrington and Robert Hyde with others./

John Warington his marke

The dettes which I doe owe are theise./

  £ s d
Imprimis to Thomas bate of Whytle greene
58 0
Item to George Redferne
20 0
to Raphe Bowden of Ladshawbotham 3 2 0
to Edward Hyde
6 8
to George Wood of Luncheclough
7 0
to Thomas Hibbert

{6} 7 14 11

Dettes owinge unto me./

  £ s d
Imprimis Thomas Lowe
3 4
Item the wyfe of fraunces Moulte
2 8
Ottiwell Bowden
18 0
Anthonye Bowden
50 0
Thomas Bowden for his brother
17 0
Thomas Heward of Raworth thelder
53 4
Edward Downes
10 0
Robert Radcliffe
5 6
John Hyde of Harthill
2 2
John Hyde of Longlie Edmond Whythead for whyte flockes 7 10 0
John fletcher
8 0
George Redferne for his mother
8 0
William Beard
10 0
Robert frythe
2 8
widdowe Savage of Castleton
3 4
Rondulphe Hyde of Chisworth
3 4
Ottiwell Mellor of Lowlaughton
26 0
{6} 11 11 2

The dettes which Jervis Haighe deceassed owed unto me and beinge yet unpayd are theise./

  £ s d
Imprimis for a Calfe   8 0
Item for flockes   6 8
for Russett Lyninge   2 0
for apayre of Shooes   2 4
{6}   19 0

fiat probacio etc. Administracioque Executoribus
[Let probate etc. and the administration to the executors] {4}

A true and perfect Inventorye of all suche goodes as John Warington late of New[milne within] {1} the Countie of Derbie and parrish of Glossopp Sherman dyed posessed of, vallued and praysed the first daye of Marche by Raphe Armfeeld, Lawrance Hyde, George Shartte, and Nicholas Warrington./

  £ s d
Imprimis foure kyne 8 13 4
Item one heafer
40 0
one barren Cowe
33 4
two kyne Stirkes
53 4
one Sheepe
3 4
in haye
20 0
in taynteringe
20 0
in Sheares
30 0
one Presse and one Shearbord
2 0
three whyte yornes 3 0 0
in salte fleshe
30 0
in butter and Cheese
3 4
in beddinge 3 0 0
in brasse pewter and lead
30 0
three Arkes
16 0
one borde one dishbord and three payre of bedstocks
10 0
in Corne
6 0
in tryne ware
8 0
in yron ware
3 4
one forme, Chayres and Stooles

in Mucke and ashes

his purse girdle and apparrell
23 4
Summa 31 8 0

{1} Damaged.
{4} Translation.
{5} Modernised date.
{6} Total supplied by transcribers.
{7} Interlined.

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