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John Robothom: probate 28th June 1592

In the name of god amen the 23th daie of September Anno Domini 1592 I John Robothom of Hollyns in the countie of Derbie husbandman do ordeyn constitute and make this my testament conteining herein my laste will in manner and forme followinge First I give and bequeath my soule to almightie god my creator trustinge throwe the merrittes of Jesus Cryste my redemer to be one of the number of his electe and my bodie to the Earthe from whence itt came wishing that itt mey be buried in the parish Churche or churyarde of Glossopp My will is that my debtes and funerall expences shalbe made levyed and paid of and out of all my goodes Also I give unto Edward Robothom one my best black doblett and six shillinges in money which he oweth me All the rest of all my apparell I give and bequeath to William Robothom my brother and I give unto the same William my cofer and all such stuffe as is in itt and I have thereof delivered him the kaie/ I give to the same William my loomes and reedes I give to Margarett Bramall and Anne mellor and John Bramall my godchildren to every of them - 4d. Item I give to Margarett Clarke - 7s. wich she oweth me the rest of all my goodes my said debtes and funerall expenses being thereof discharged I will shalbe devyded into 2 partes whereof the one part I give and bequeathe to Joom Robothom my mother and the other part I give to Elizabeth my wief And as concerninge all my interest and right to my house and all my ground my will is that the said Elizabeth my wief shall have the third parte thereof during the naturall lief the said Joom my mother and the one halfe thereof after the decease of my said mother during the terme of hir naturall lief keepinge hir self sole and unmaried And my will is that the said Johanna my mother shall have the 2 partes thereof during hir naturall lief and after hir decease my will is that the said William my brother shall have the half of the said house and ground and the other half after the decease or mariage of my said wief and all my right and tytle therein and thereinto forever And of this my last will I do make the said Elizabeth my wief and the said William my brother my lawful1 executors and I desier my good frend Edmund Robothom to overseer of the same theis beinge Wittnesses:
Edmund Robothom [mark]
Henry Bradshawe [signed]
Thomas Robothom [mark]
and hothers

an Inventorye of all the goodes and cattels bowt movable and unmovable of Jhon rowbotum of hollens praysed the 30th of november by Jhon goddert thomas goddert Edmund rowbotum and Jhon dande

  £ s d
Inprimis a cowe and a stercke 40 0
Item for haye and corne 30 0
a payer of looroes and reades 13 4
for leanill yearne 13 4
in beding 13 4
in arckes and a coffer 10 0
his apparall 10 0
in brase and peawter 3 0
in woodden ware 2 0
a frying pane
a hachet
a rakentell potthockes and a

payer of tonges
Summa totalis 6 16 8

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