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John Hagh, probate 4th April 1554

The Copie of the wyll of John haghe
In the name of god so be yt The 8 day of August in the yere of our god 1552 And in the yere of our soverand lorde Edward the 6 by the grace of god kyng of England fraunce and Ireland defendour of the faith. And in erthe under god of the churche of England and also Ireland Supreme head the 6. I John haghe of Mowseley botom in the Countie of derbye: dredyng naturall death, make my testament And last wyll in maner folowyng that is to wytt: Furst I beqwethe my Saule to Almighty god. And my body to be buryed in the parisshe churche erthe of glossop.

Item it is my wyll that peres Eychuls my son in law shall have 33s. 4d. Item I gyve and beqwethe to my doghter Margerie 40s. yf she shall come to honest socour by Mariage. And yf not. then she to have 26s. 8d. And as for laurence chaterton wiche maried A bastarde doghter of myne. I have paed to hym all the mariage money that I promysed hym. And wheare as the said laurence doth Alegge And say that owe to hym money for worke. treuthe is he and his wyf have had of me in corne more then his worke cometh to: over and besydes the kepyng of one chylde by the space of fyve or 6 yeres. wiche chylde the said laurence was boundon to kepe on his Aune propur costes and charge. Item I gyve to Jone holynworth my servant woman 26s. 8d. Item I gyve to sir hughe foule preist 3s. 4d. to pray for me. Item I gyve to Otuell Clayton one stagge of one yere of Age and 4 youes. Item I gyve to Ellyn the wyf of John hyde. 3s. 4d. Item I gyve to henre legh yf he chaunce to come in to the cuntre 3s. 4d. And yf not. then I gyve the same 3s. 4d. to John legh half brother to the said henre towardes byyng of A swarde. Item I gyve to every one of chyldryn that I am godfather unto 4d. A pese. item I gyve towardes the makyng of holynworth bryge yf it be not sett on the tenement wiche I now dwell on 3s. 4d. Item I gyve to Elisabeth doghter to Jane pycfurth one Smocke. I make my too sonnes Gervas hagh and Nicolas hagh my lawful! executors to execute and fulfyll this my present last wyll and testament as my trust is on them. Unto whome After my bringyng home And my said qwiddes And dettes well and truly contented And paed. I gyve all my goodes whicke and dead. And also I make my said myn Assignes As concerning the lease of my house and tenement during the tyme of the said lease. And thei to occupye the said goodes house and tenement Joinctly to gedurs. well and lovyngly like naturall brethern And yf thei will not be thus contented to do As Affore is specified then it is my wyll. that thei shalbe ordred in all thynges Affore said: by my speciall frendes Rauf Bradley. John Sherle. Randull hibbert. Richard haghe peres haghe And Thomas haghe. whome I make Supravisors of this my last will and testament, wryten the day And yere Above specifyed. In wytnes wheare of here unto I have Set my Seale These beyng witnesses Roger wylde. Robert Stanley Roger holynworth Edmund Swyndyls hughe foule preist with others. Item I gyve to Agnes wyf to henre Richardson 3s. 4d. Item it is my wyll that A house with a tenement, shalbe taken with the holl goodes. And then the reste of the said to be equally devyded betwene my said sonnes And that my Son Gervas shall chose whether he woll have

These be the dettes wiche I owe

  £ s d
Otuell Clayton   20 0
Item Jone holynworth   10 2

Memorandum that my princypall is paed all Redye for suche landes as I hold by A leace made by Richard bearde As Appereth more planely in the sayd leace

Item be yt knowen to all men that laurence chaterton had of me John haghe At one tyme A mare Item At An other tyme A heffur And at divers other tymes certan mesures of wheat And barle upon A Reconing for worke all the summe herof extendeth to 25s.

These be dettes owyng to me

  £ s d
John hadfeld 4 Markes 5s. 2 18 4
Item Thomas haghe   34 8
Olyver kyrke   5 10
homfre Robothum   20 0
Robert hyde   20 0
Richard Adeshead     20
[greene?]{2}     12
uxor [wife]{4} peris smyth     16
{6} 7 2 10

The ennvetory of John haghe of the gooddes wyche he hade att hys laste dayes in primis 2 exxen the pryse of 4 marke [£2 13s. 4d.]{4} 2 Stures 6 and 20s. 8d. 5 cayke 10 and 40s. 4 twyntares 6 and 20s. 8d. 3 Sterkes 15s. 4 caufes 13s. 4d. a horse 16s. a mare 12s. a colte 3s. 4d. 40 Shepe 40s. 3 Synne 10s. [brase and phuter 13s. 4d. beddeng 10s.{7} a plo and a wynne and a haro 4s. corne 8s. the Somme £15 2s. 4d. prysed by Raffe bradleye Randall hebertt wyllyam hyde wyllyam eyam - with hother

{2} Illegible.
{4} Translation of archaic money and Latin.
{6} Total supplied by transcribers.
{7} Interlined.

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