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John Bawden: probate 19th October 1594

In the name of god. Amen: The 25th Day of Aprill in the 36 year of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lady Elizabeth that now is. I John Bowdon of the Aspenshawe in the county of Derby yeman; sicke in body, but in raynde of good and perfect remembrance praysed be god, knowinge the certenty of death, and the uncertentye of the home and tyme thereof doe make this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge. first I comitt my soule to almighty god my maker, trustinge through the meryts of Christs passion to be one of gods elect and my body to be buryed in the church of Glossopp where X am a parishnoure. Item whereas I have taken by lease of Indenture to me and myne assignes of Richarde Hayes and Margret his wife one farme called Oxe hay lyinge and beinge in the parishe of Glossopp, the sayde farme I give and assigne to Alios Bowdon my wife and to her assignes, for and duringe all the tearme of yeares yet to come contayned in the lease of the demised premises Item I give and assigne to Alles Bowdon my sayde wife [and her assignes] {7} all my interest and tytle of the thyrde part of a cloase called the Great Aspenshawe, duringe the tearme of yeares contayned in a lease, taken of master Rowland Eyer of Hassopp and others Item I give and bequeath to Robert Hadfeelde of the nether cliffe the yonger, £4 Item I give and bequeath to Alles Hadfeelde of the nether cliffe my sister my great pann, and to John hadfeelde her sonne my great pott, and to ech of her three Daughters 6s. 8d. Item I give to Ottiwell Bramall of the Thornset feeldes the yonger 20s. Item I give to John Bramall brother to the sayde Ottiwell 13s. 4d. Item I give to Anne Bramall and Elizabeth Bramall sisters to the sayde Ottiwell and John, ether of them 10s. Item I give to five children of peter Haighe of lyme to whom I stande uncle ech of them 6s. 8d. Item I give to Margret Rydgway £3 6s. 8d. if she remeane with my wife her mother duringe her mothers life, if not, her mother to bestowe somwhat uppon her according to her discretion. Item I give to Thomas Bearde of the Phosyde 10s. Item I give to Raphe Garrat and nycholas Bearde of the Phosyde ether of them 12d. Item I give to Robert Rydgway 10s. Item I give to Margret Rydgway daughter to the sayde Robert one lamb, the rest of my goods after my funerall expences and Legacyes contayned in this my last will discharged I give to Alles Bowdon my sayde wife. And of this my last will and testament I make and ordayne master Thomas Rawlinson of the Highgate to whom I give 10s. And Alles Bowdon my sayde wife myne executours, and Raphe Gar-rat, nycholas Bearde, Thomas Bearde and Robert Rydgway myne overseers, trustinge the will see this my last will in all poyntes discharged to the health of my soule: and all other wills executours and overseers by me heare tofore made, I utterly disanull, and this to stande in effect
+ John Bowdon his marke

Theise wittnesses
Gualther normansell
Ottiwell Bramall
John Hadfeelde

Debtes owinge to me the sayde John are theese:

  £ s d
Godfry Garrat   40 0
Ottiwell Bearde of Kynder   8 0
Edward meller of Tarden and Bartholmewe Wharmby  

of the Longhurst layne   20 2
William Sclacke of the Phorde   11 0
The sayde Bartholomews Wharmby   12 0
The sayde Bartholmewe Wharmby   2 2
Ottiwell Bearde of the Blakehale   5 6
Somma debitorum [sum of the debts] {4} 4 18 10

A true Inventory of all the goodes and cattels of John Bowdon of the Aspenshawe lately deceased, moveable and imoveable pryced and valued by foure honest men, viz. Ottiwell fearnelighe Raphe Armfelde Ottiwell Garrat and Richarde Warrington the thyrd day of October Anno domini 1594

  £ s d
Imprimis two oxe stures precium [price] 6 0 0
Item foure kyne 8 0 0
three twynters 5 0 0
foure stirkes 4 0 0
foure calves
53 4
one olde horse
26 8
in olde sheepe 35 0 0
in Lambes 3 6 8
in corne 6 0 0
in hay 4 0 0
in meale and mault
10 0
in bedding 5 0 0
in brasse and pewter 4 0 0
in sacks and one wyndoinge cloth
13 4
all husbandry ware
26 8
for arks and coffers
20 0
all huslment of houshoulde
10 0
for butter and chese
20 0
two swyne
26 8
in hennes and pullyne
2 0
his purse and apparell
33 4
Suma totalis 92 8 8

fiat probatio testamenti retroscripti et administratio bonorum defuncti Executoribus in eodem nominatis Commissio Georgio Yeavely Clerico vicario de Glossop, et Gualtero Normansell, Clerico Curato de Heyfeld/ pro receptione Juramentorum [ ? ] {2} Executorum.

[signed] J. [Tail. . . ?] {2}

[Let the probate of the will written overleaf and the administration of the goods of the deceased be made to the executors named in the same. Commission to George Yeavely clerk, vicar of Glossop, and Walter Normansell, clerk, curate of Heyfeld. For receipt of the oaths [ ? ] {2} of the sworn executors

illegible signature, deputy] {4}

Lich' xixmo die Octobris 1594
Testamentum Johannis Bowdon de Aspenshaw defuncti per Thomam Rawlinson et Aliciam Bowndon [Relictam] {7} executores etc. Juratos coram Gualtero Normansell Curato de Heyfeild etc. parochia Glossoppe

[Lichfield 19th day of October 1594
The will of John Bowdon of Aspenshaw deceased through Thomas Rawlinson and Alice Bowndon widow executors etc. sworn before Walter Normansell curate of Hayfield parish of Glossop] {4}

{2} Illegible, may be an erasure.
{4} Translation.
{7} Interlined.

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