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John Arnefeelde: probate 4th June 1588

In the name of god amen the 25th Daie of November in the 29th yeare of the Reign of our Soveraign Ladie Elizabeth [1587]^ that nowe is I John Armfeild of the Brodehurste in the county of Derbie and parish of Glossopp yoman beinge of good and perfecte remembrance praised be god knowing the Certeynty of deathe and thincertentie of the houre and tyme therof Do make this my laste will and testament in manner and forme followinge: First I commend my soule unto almightie god my maker and redeemer trusting thorow the merittes of Chrystes passion to be one of godes electe And my bodie to be buried in the Church of Glossopp Item my will is that Margery my wief shall have the one half of all my goodes moveable and unmoveable the other half after my debtes paid and my funerall expences discharged equallie to be devyded amongste theis three viz John Hadfeld Elizabeth Hadfeld and Katerin Beswick savinge that my great pann shall remayn unto the said Elizabeth if she shew hirself obedient to hir parentes And my greate Arke shall remayn unto the said Raph Arnfeld Item of this my last will I do make my said wief and the said Raphe my true and laufull executers and William Beswicke and Jarvis Haigh my overseers trusting they will see this my last will performed in all pointes to the health of my soule And all other wills executers and overseers by me heartofore made I utterlie revoke and disanull and this to stand in effecte///

Debtes that I owe are theis

  £ s d
To the wief of William Longely   6 8
Item to the wief of George wodd   4 0

Theis wittenesses
Thomas Hadfeild
Gualther Normansell

This is the [true?] {2} inventorye of all the goods and catall both movable and unmovable of John Armfeyld of the Brodhurst latly decessed made the 20 daye of may and praysed by thesse that folowe to wit Homfre Bradburye: Robert hibert: Randle hibert and John Bore:
  £ s d
Imprimis one heafer
22 0
Item another heafer
18 0
in Corne within house and wthout 2 0 0
in Brase and pewter 1 2 8
in Beding 2 0 0
in arks and one cofer
16 0
in all Irone Wars
7 0
in seeks and one windowcloth
2 8
his aparell
10 0
one [sattle?] {2}

one tresle wth a forme

in hens and gyse
4 0
in all triene Ware and huslement of

houshould stufe
4 8
{6} 9 8 10

fiat probacio retroscripti testamenti et administracio executoribus intro nominatis et Commissio Roberto Hyde clerico curato de Meller
[signature] {2}

[Let the probate of the will written overleaf and the administration be granted to the within-named executors and the Commission to Robert Hyde clerk curate of Mellor] {4}

{2} Illegible.
{4} Translation.
{5} Modernised date.
{6} Total supplied by the transcribers.

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