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Gerveys Haigh: probate 24th March 1595 [1596] {5}

In the name of God amen the threttied day of December in the Yeare of oure lord god 1595 I Gerveys haigh of mousleybothom wythin the parish of Glossopp and Countie of Derby husbandman sicke in body and of perfytt mynd and memory for dreed of naturall death that ys uncertayn do ordayne declare, and make thys my present last will and testament in maner and forme folowing, that ys to witt, Fyrst I gyve and bequeath my soule to almighty god my maker Saviour and Redemer trustinge through the meyrittes of hys passion and precious bloud sheeding to be one of the number of hys elect, And also my body to be buryed In the parish Church yard of Glossopp/ Item I make John haigh my eldest sone my full and lawfull assigne of my house and tenement wherein I nowe dwell according to my assigment heretofore by me made, And for want of the sayd John, and yssue of hys body lawfully begotten, and to be begotten, then the name my seyd ferme to remayne to my seacound sone Peter haigh and the yssue of hys body lawfully begotten and to be begotten/ for and during my terme yf the lyve or lyves so longe do lyve in the same// Also I make the sayd John haigh my sone my assigne of my tyth corne for and during all my terme that I have in the same/ Item it ys my will that Esabell haigh my wyff shall have the thryd partt of all my house and ground wherin I nowe dwell for and during all her naturall lyff, yf she kepe her sole and unmaryed/ Also it ys my wyll that John my seyd sone shall have all my husbandry ware and all household stuff wythin house as arkes, coufers, brasse, pewter, treen lomes and all other thinges wythin house, Saving that Esabell my seyd wyff shall have the thryd partt of all the same to her use for ever, except too grett arkes, one cowfer, one grett pott, and a pann, to be occupyed mean betwyxt the sayd Esabell and the seyd John for and during all the lyff naturall of the sayd Esabell yf she keep her sole and unmaryed/ Also it ys my will and I desyr my seyd sone John to be good brother to my doughter Ellyn haigh that she the sayd Ellyn may have house rome, Fyre, and Eyre rome, meyt drink and lodgeing in the house wher I nowe dwell of the costes and chargis of the sayd John, she the sayd Ellyn usinge her selff honestly anenst her seyd brother for and during all her naturall lyff yf she come not to better preferment eyther by maryage or otherwyse,/ Also it ys my wyll that Peter haigh my sone shall have the smethy to work in, and all the work tooles wythin the same smethy// Also it ys my wyll that Peter haigh my seyd sone shall have hold and occupy all the feeld or closse that I have taken, called the mylne feld for and during all my terme therin conteyned yf he kepe hym selff- unmaryed, nor sell the same to no person nor persons at np'tyme nor tymes but only to hys sayd brother John, the sayd John' geving hym for the same feld as another man will gyve, And yf the sayd Peter do mary, then the sayd feeld shall come and .remayn 'to the sayd John haigh upon a reasonable motion betwyxt theym Also it ys my will that all my corne and hey, nowe beinge wythin, house, and in lyk maner, all meyle, molte, flesh when it sliil fortune to be/ shalbe devyded betwyxt Esabell my seyd wyff and Johi: hai h my seyd sone, the same [my?] {1} sayd wyff, and my sone John to gyve to my yongest doughter margery haigh eyther of theym Fyve poundes, and she to be honestly kept wyth meyt, drink and lodgeing wyth her sayd mother and her sayd brother John tyll she come to the age of Twentye yeres. Also it ys my wyll that after 1 am fourth brought of my Whole goodes, and all funeralles legaces and expences clerely dyscharged fynished and done. That then the rest of all my quicke goodes remeyning I gyve to John Haigh my sone, the same [2 cms.] {a} John to gyve to every one of my Fyve chyldren that ys to witt, margaret claytoun, Elyzabeth haigh, Joan haigh, Peter haigh, and Ellyn haigh, to every one [3 cms.] {a} tenn poundes of good lawfull Englysh money and the same to be payd unto every one of theym, as they shall stand in need of the same/ Item I make Esabell [3 cms.] {a} haigh my Wyff and John haigh my seyd sone my full and lawfull executours to see that thys my seyd will be fulfilled/ These bene witnes of the same [3 cms.] {a} Homfrey Bredbury of latchshabothom Raph hyd of the newe milne George Robothom Peter Etchels, and Thomas graunt, wyth others/-/

This is the trewe inventory of all the goodes and cattels of Gerveys haigh of mousleybothom in the Countye of Derby lately deceassed moveable and ummovable preysed by Homfrey Bredbury George Browne Peter Etchels and Raph hyd the 12 day of January - 1595[1596] {5}

  £ s d
Fyrst 4 oxen presed to {1}     ?
Item 6 kyne 15 0 0
too kyne 5 0 0
too heffers 4 0 0
fyve stirkes 8 0 0
fyve calves 3 6 8
3 mares 9 0 0
Fyftie sheep 9 6 8
3 yong swyne
23 0
4 Geese
4 0
in other pulleyn
2 0
all corne, and hey within house and without 15 0 0
in bedding 5 13 4
3 stone of wole
36 0
6 seckes and a windowe clouth
13 4
3 stone of hemp
10 0
cowper tymber
20 0
3 hyves
10 0
tymber lying in the fold i and in the smethy
33 4
all husbandry ware 2 6 8
all work tooles in the smethy
26 8
brasse and pewter 3 0 0
3 Irne broches and a peyr of gobertes
6 8
all treen lomes, wyth other thinges as wheals and such lyk stuff wythin house
16 0
hys apparell
30 0
{1} Damaged.
{5} Modernised date.
{a} There appears to have been a blot on the page before, or during the writing of, the will and the text has been written around it.

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