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George Waterhouse, probate 20th April 1558

In dei nomine [in the name of god] {4} Amen the 22th day of October in the yeire of oure lorde god a thowsand fyve hundred fyftie and Syxe I George Waterhowsse of the parische of Glossop wythin the Towneship of Bawdon in the Countie of Darby sicke in body and of good and perfecte mynd and memorie (lawded be god) make my testament contayninge therin my last wyll in maner and forme folowinge: First I commend my sowle to almightie god to be associate wyth the blessed company of heaven and my body I committ to Christen buriall wythin the church yard of Glossop beforseid Also I geve and bequeythe 20s. to be bestowed upon oote meale and be distributed amonge poore folkes after the discrecions of my executors Also I geve and bequeyth all the rest and remaynder of my goodes (my debtes payed and my funerall expenses made) unto my Mayster Raufe Bradley and his wyfe to distribute amonge theer daughters, provided alwayes that Alice Bradley their daughter have 40s. more then eny one of her susters Also I ordeyne and make Robert Ratclyff parson of Chetyll and my seid Master Raufe Bradley executors of this my last wyll to see the same trulie executed as I trust theym These beynge wittenesses wylliam Byrchynhaugh Raufe kynder and sir hugh Fowle preist and others.

These be the debtes oghinge to me the seid George:

  £ s d
Inprimis John downes.of Taxall generos. [gentleman] {4} and John Geslynge of thold howsse grond   40 0
Item Agnes downes wyfe to the same downes of lente money   5 0
Cateryn Geslynge wyfe to the same John Geslynge   13 4
Thomas Mellor of Mellor 3 13 4
the same Thomas   26 8
due to be payed at every Christemas yerlie 6s.8d. tyll the holl somme beforseid be fullie runne up that is to witt the summe of 26s. 8d.      
Edward Moore of Marple   40 0
Raufe kynder of the Towneship of Glossop   9 0
Robert Standley of disley   13 4
henry Cleaton of the haughe   18 3
John [Greeves/Greenes]{2} of knyghtwicke{a}   2 0
Elyn Shepley my suster of Chunaw   8 8
wylliam Roobothum of Stryndes     17
{6} 12 11 0

All this is true dett, oghinge unto me as I wyll answere at the day of Judgemente.
{2} Illegible.
{4} Translated.
{6} Total supplied by transcribers.
{a} The 4th letter of this word may be the Anglo-Saxon letter "yogh" and has been transcribed as "gh".

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