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Elizabeth Chapman: probate 15th July 1606

In the name of god amen the 20th daie of June and in the yeare of the raygne of oure Soveraigne lord James by the grace of god of England Fraunce and Ireland Kinge defendr of the faith etc. the fourthe and of Scotland the nine and thirteeth: and in the yere of oure lord god one thousand sixe hundreth and sixe: I Elizabeth chapman alias newolle of the thownshippe of bawdome in the countie of derbie Spinster sicke in [?] {a} bodie but of good and perfect remenbrance thankes be to god dreadinge the tyme of naturall death which to man is uncertaine/ doe ordaine constitute and make this my last will and testament in maner and forme Followinge fyrst I comend my Soule to allmighthie god my maker and to Jesus Christ my Savioure and redemer hopinge that throughe his deathe and passione to have free remissione and forgivenes of my Sinnes and to be one of his electe and chosen chydrn and my bodie to be buried in the parishe church of Glossopp in a full assurance of a Joyfull resurreccion att the generall Judgment/ and for the dispotion of ray worldie goodes. I give in maner and forme followinge. Item I give all my goodes what so ever is myne or can be proved to be mine to thomas Shuttellworthe of breegreave and his children in the said countie of derbie yoman/. reposinge my wholl trust and confidence in him to see my bodie buried/ and all the costes of my buriall to be by him discharged and then that being donne he and his children to have what soever remanieth and for the performance hereof, I appointe the said thomas Shettellworth my true and lawfull executoure to see this my last will performed
these beinge wittnesse
Raphe armefeld
thomas beard

dettes owinge unto me./

  £ s d
John yonge of pendent ende in Chesshire   44 0
John benett the yonger in the countye of derbie   20 0
Edmund picford   33 4
rodger allen   20 0
{6} 5 17 4

The True Inventorie made the 26th daie of June in The Yeare of the Raigne of or soveraigne Lord James by the grace of god of Englaund, Fraunce and Irelaund kinge Defenndr of the faith etc. the Fourthe, and of Scotlande the Nine and thirteethe and in the yere of or lord god one Thousand sixe hundreth and sixe of all the goodes of Elizabeth [chapman alias] {7} Newall late in the Townshippe of Bawdonne in the Counte of Derbie Spinster deceased, prysed [2 words] {2} Valewed by, Otewell Bearde, Thomas Goddard, [Edward Roobothome] {7} William Heyward, Thomas Beard in the said Townshippe of Bawdon in the same countie Husbandmen as hereafter followeth

  £ s d
Imprimis Brasse and Pewter   20 0
Item Beddinge   18 0
Lynnens   15 0
Three Arkes   2 0
Her Apparell with twoe hattes   44 0
{6} 4 19 0
{2} Illegible.
{6} Total supplied by transcribers.
{7} Interlined.
{a} Illegible deletion.

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