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Edward Swindells, probate 17th September 1573

In the name of god Amen Anno domini 1571/ in the 13 yere of the Reigne of our moste dreade soverigne Ladie Elizabethe by the gracce of god quene of England Fraunce and Ierland deffender of the [faithe?] {2} etc./ I Edwarde Swndelles of the shydearde in [beard?]in the parishe of glossoppe in the countie of derbie howssbandman/ Sycke in bodie hoole of mynde dreadynge the [u.........?] {1} Howre of deithe/ And gyvynge Laude and preasse unto Allmyghtye god my onely Saviour Maker and Redemer/ do Orden [and?] {1} make this my presente Testamente and laste will in Maner and forme followynge/ Fryrste I Offer and bequethe my Soole unto Almgithie god desyrynge all the hooly Cumepeany of hevon to praye for me/ And my bodye to be buryed in the churche or churche yarde of dysley deane within the Counte of Chester/ Also I wyll that the procteres of my parishe churche as master parson and master viccar shall have their duytie After my deithe Accordynge unto the Lawes of this Reame/ And whear As I have takein my Farme and tenemente of master bearde of bearde within the countie of derbie gentyllman unto me and my wyffe and my Assignes for certen yeres yette [to] {7} Cume as more at Large it duthe [and maye] {7} Apeare by Apyre of Indentures made betwene the said william Bearde and me the said Edwarde Swyndelles and my Assyngnes as is Afforsaid/ my wyll is that Jane my welbeloved wyffe shall have all my entreste and Ryghte of thafforsaid Messuage farme and tenemente Cauled the shydyarde durynge her naturall Lyffe yf she duthe Lyve durynge all the yeres grantede of my master master Bearde/ And yf it shulde please god to vyseitt with deithe thafforsaid Jane my wyffe before thatt my terme ys endid taken of my Afforsaid master and Landlorde Master Bearde/ That then [it] {7} ys my wyll that for the Revercyon of my terme or termes nott fullie enditt and determyned After the deithe of me thafforsaid Edwarde and Jane my said wyffe/ That then petar Swendelles my sone Shall injoye and have all my Righte tytlie and entereste wyche I have of Righte durynge my tytle of in thafforsaid Messuage or tenemente Cauled the shydyarde taken of my said master/ Master bearde/ And Further wheare as I have payde unto master [mi] {7} Master Bearde A certen Somme of monye uppon A Furder grante wyche ys £9 payd beffore the date of this presente wyll Makynge and £13 to be paid at certen dayes heareafter for the terme of 21 yeres yett more to Cume After my Former leasse in wrytyng endyd/ my wyll is That peter/ Thomas And Edwarde swyndelles beynge my sones shall have and injoye the proffettes and dettes of the premysses Affore Rehersyd Also I will that my goods shalbe Equallie devydett into thre partes whearof I gyve and bequethe unto Jane my welbeloved wyffe one thyrde partie therof/ The Seconde parte [I gyve and bequethe] {7} unto peter Swyndelles my sonne and Edwarde swyndelles my sone and thomas swyndelles my sonne/ And the thyrde parte I Resarve unto my selffe to paye my dettes and to brynge me honestely home/ The Residue therof whatt shall Remeane my dettes payde my funerall dyscharced I gyve and bequethe unto Thomas swyndeles my sonne £8 wyche he dothe owe to me and the said thomas to have as muche money more as wyll Make his parte equall of my goodes with my towe other Sones peter And Edwarde/ The Resydue and Remander thereof yf Any Remeane I wyll shalbe bistoyd and dysposed Amonxtte my thre Sonnes/ That ys to wytte peter Swyndeles [Edwarde] {7} Sweyndelles and Thomas swyndeles/ At the dyscresion of my Executoures and supervisoures under wrytton as my truste is in theym/ Also I gyve unto Jone picforte one [hoope?] {1} of ottemeale Also I gyve unto everie godchylde that I am [god] {7} Father unto one Lambe to be delyvered at the nextte mydsomer After my deithe/ by my executoures/ Also I gyve unto ales swendeles my servante one Lambe/ Also unto heleine my dowghter the wyffe of william mellor thre yardes and A quarter of good whytteclothe and it to be Cullored Red of my coste and charges/ Item I gyve unto Rauffe Mellor my sone in Lawes sonne one yowe and A Lambe/ Also I gyve to helein downes one whitte heddyd heyffer/ Also I gyve unto the wyffe of John downes my sone in Lawe one Lyttell pane and one peuter dyshe/ And of this my Testament and last wyll I Ordein and make my Lawffull and trwe executrex Jane my trustie and welbeloved wyffe/ william Swyldels of the chapell in the Frythe and Rawffe Swyndeles of the damepoole// And of this my said wyll and testamente I Make the supervysores herof my good master and landlorde/ master Bearde/ And humffrey Swyndeles my Cossen dwellynge [in torryngton?] {1} to se that this my wyl be performed in all Causes as my truste and Confidence ys [On/in?] {2} them// Also yt is to be knowen unto all men that as I Edwarde Swyndelles shall Make my Answere At the Laste daye of Judgemente that I have payd delyvered And dyscharded unto John downes of kynder And william mellor of the same kynder/ beynge my sones in Lawe have paide them [all?] {2} all their duytie and promysse made to them Made unto them or unto eyther of theym/ At or beffore the daye of Marredge of my dowghteres and beffore/ and that bothe John downes and william {a} [mellor] {7} be bothe in my dette and that I do owe them nothinge nether of them/ Also it is Further my wyll that yf my Executores or supervisores be putte unto Any charges to se this my well be perfourmyd I wyll that the and everye one of them shall have theire chargysse borne in all Causses of my hoole goodes/ These beynge wyttenesse and presentely At this Testamente Makynge/ Thomas Rawlynson the elder/ Robertte Swyndelles Rychard Sellvester nycholas pycffortte and John Swyndeles with dyveres otheres/// Also Further I gyve unto Edwarde my sone of my laste [thirde] {7} parte of goodes one Brasse pane/ wiche I bowghte in the chapell of the frythe

dettes wyche [the?] {7} seid Edwarde Swyndelles duthe owe

  £ s d
In primis unto Edwarde swyndelles my sone   4 4
  £ s d
dettes owenge unto said Edwarde      
In primis my master Master bearde 9 0 0
Item the same master bearde 3 12 6
John waryngton     18
{6} 12 14 0

The Inventorye of all the goodes Cattalles dettes Moveablies And unmoveablies whiche Lattlie was Edwarde Swyndelles of the shydeyarde within the parishe of glossoppe in the Countie of derby hwsbandman Latlie decessed and preased by us// Rawffe Mellor Rycharde Selvester Ottwell Andrewe And John downes// The Fyrste daye of december in the 15 yere of the Reign of our soveraign Ladie Elizabethe [1572] {5} by the gracce of god quene of England Frauncce and Ierland deffendor of the faithe etc.

  £ s d
In primis Fyve Oxone price 8 6 8
Item 5 kyne 5 0 0
thre heyfferes   30 0
tow Cawlves   10 0
A nagge and one Mare   26 8
24 wetheres 3 4 0
14 Owes   28 0
12 hoggsheppe   20 0
one swyne   6 8
tow holdyngswyne   6 8
Forescore thraves of Ottes   40 0
hey   6 8
one panne and one scellett and thre brasse      
pottes And one Candylstyke and 4 pewterdysheys   13 4
tow Matteresses thre Coverlettes Fore      
blanckeittes and 4 paire of sheyttes   26 8
one plowe one harrowe one wayne and Fore yokes   6 8
Hwlssellmente of howssoldestuffe as tow Arkes      
boordes Formes stoles and wood Lomes and one      
Axe A spade and A showell A spytte A fryinge      
panne and A payre of pottehwkes and A      
Rackentayle   10 0
Summa totalis 27 15 4
{1} Damaged.
{2} Illegible.
{5} Calendar date.
{6} Total supplied by transcribers.
{7} Interlined.
{a} "swyndeles?" deleted.

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