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Edward Rowbottom. probate 8th April 1551

In the [name] {a} of god Amen the fyrst day of Maye the fourthe yere of the Reigne of our sovereigne lorde Edwarde [1550] {5} by the grace of god kinge of England fraunce and Ireland defendour of the faith and in earth under god of the {b} churche of England and also of Ireland the supreme head I Edwarde Robothum of Rowurth of the parishe of glossop and within the county of Derby husbandman sicke in body butt of good and perfytt remembrance do make this my testamente conteyninge my last will in forme folowinge First I commende my soil to god almighty my saviour and redemer and my body to be buried in the parishe church yarde att glossopp Item I will by the licence of the lorde that helyn my wiff shall have the half of my howse and grounde duringe her widohed And my son Geffrey the other half Item I will that all my goodes be devided into 3 equall partes and my wiff to have one and the other 2 my bequestes and dettes paid and funerall costes discharged to be equally devided emonge all my childerne Item I ordeine and make helyn my wiff and geffrey my son thexecutoures of this my testamente Item I constitute Master John Stafford the super visor of this my testamente Thes witnes William Goddurde and Maurice Robothum with other/

This is the true inventorye of all the goodes of edward Robothum [late decessed] {7} Both [goodes] {7} movable and inmovable valued and praised the 7 daye of aprile in the fyt yer of edward the 6th [1551] {5} By us wyllyam robothum thomas goddart Robert heyward thomas heywarde as her foloweth

  £ s d
In primis 3 oxen and 3 kye 6 0 0
Item 52 shepe 4 13 4
a lytle nagge   20 0
3 beastes of the age of two yeres   33 4
two yonge calfes   6 8
a matras   6 8
3 coverlettes 3 blankettes and 4 per of shetes   29 4
3 bolsters   3 0
3 arkes   7 8
all tooles belongyng to husbandry   20 0
{6} 17 0 0

{5} Calendar year supplied by transcribers.
{6} Total supplied by transcribers.
{7} Interlined.
{a} "name" omitted in text.
{b} "parrysh" deleted.

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