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Edward Robothom: probate 16th November 1586

In the name of god Amen the nyntenth day of Auguste in the 28th year of the Raign of our Sovereign Ladie Elizabeth by the grace of god of England Fraunce and Irelaund Quene defender of the Fayth etc. Anno domini 1586/ I Edward Robothum of Ryngstones alias Stonrynges in the parishe of Glossopp in the Countye of Derbie Sycke in bodie butt of gud and perfecte memorye prayse be unto god do ordeyn Constitut and make this my present Testament contayning hearin my last wyll in maner and fourme folowyng That is to say: Fyrste and pryncipallye I gyff and bequeath my Soule unto almygtye god my onlye creatour redemer and Saviour throwe the merettes of whose moste holye death and passion on the Crosse I Faythfullye truste to be saved/ and my bodye to be buryed in the parishe Church of Glossopp aforsaid/ Item it is my will that my Funerall expences and dettes shalbe taken upp made and payd of my hole goodes And after the same So made and payd then it is my will and I do gyff to Ann Robothum my syster in Lawe two Stones and one halfe Stone of woll/ and I do gyff to Ann her doughter in Lawe other two stone and A halfe woll/ Item I gyff to Otuell Mosley - 7s./ Item I gyff and assigne to my nephewe Thomas Robothum all my right tytle Interest terme and Demaund in my howse and groond at Banckhall To have and to hold the said howse and groundes to the said Thomas and to his assignes for and duryng all my terme and lease heartofor taken of the same/ Item I gyff to Edmund Robothum my brother and to his assignes all my parte of his and my taken grond at Longlee durying our terme therin/ Item I gyff to Thomas Mosley my leaste Styrke/ to everye my god chylderen -2s./ To my brother Sir Thomas Robothum - £8 6s. 8d. to my brother in Lawe Thomas Smyth - £3 13s. 4d./ to the mendyng of Marple Brydge - 3s. 4d. to pore folkes - 20s. to be used at the discression of my executours hearafter named/ Item I gyff to my said brother Edmund nyne poundes/ to my syster Elen Sudell and her chylderen - £6 8d./ to be used for their comodityes/ to William Robothum sonne to John Robothum one lambe/ to William Robothum Sonne to William Robothum one lambe/ to Elen Robothum, doughter to the said John Robothum one lambe/ to William Robothum of Makelesefeld - 3s. 4d./ to John Robothum of Ryngstone - 3s. 4d./ to Margaret Robothum wydow and Elen her doughter - 3s. 4d./ to Bartholmewe Wharmbye - 6s. 8d. / Item to Margarett Godderd wydowe one Cowe which is with Thomas Wodd/ Item I gyff to my said brother Edmund all inyn apparell to use at his pleasure/ Provyditt alwayes the premisses notwithstandyng that my will is if my goodes will not aryse and be made Sufficient to discharge this my last will in fourme aforsayd within the tyme and space of too hole yeares next to come after my diseasse That then everye of the said persons shall debate of their said somes befor by thes presentes to theym appoynted as need Shall requyr at the discressions of my executours And that if my goodes will aryse and extend to be more in value then to discharges all thynges and gyftes befor in thes presentes by me bestowed that then my will is the overplus shalbe geven to the pore by and with my executours/ And Fynallye of this my present laste will and Testament I do ordeyn constitute and make my said bretheren Sir Thomas and the said Edmund my trewe and Lawfull executours all thynges hearin contayned to do or cause to be done as my Faythfull trust is in theym Thes beying Wittenes Henrie Bradsha Otuell Ridge and Robert Sydbothum with others///

Dettes owying unto me

  £ s d
Imprimis [Firstly]{4} William Ridgeway 53
Item Bartholmewe wharmbye 37
John HamletOn 35 1 0
Nicholas Garlick 6
Otuell Mosley 7
my said brother Edmund 33
Morys Godderd 5
Bartholmew wharmbye aforsaid 24
[William] {7} Ratclyff of longhurst lane and the said Bartholmew wharmbye 53 1 0
Margarett godderd wydowe 6
{6} 13 3 0

The Inventory Indented of all the goodes and Cattalles of the late Disceassed Edward Robothum late of Ringstones in the parishe of Glossopp and Countie of derby made the Fyfte Day of November Anno domini 1586 and praysed by John Robothum, Edward Robothum Otuell Mosley and william hayward as Foloweth viz:

  £ s d
Imprimis Fyve kye and two heyfers precium[price] {4} 12 16 8
Item one Styrk or yong beaste
13 4
Shepe 23
53 4
woll 4 ston
20 0
one Chiste or Cowfer
3 4
one Sword
6 0
one Mare
26 8
one payr of Shers and one pressyng Iron

apparell for his bodye
43 2
Summa totalis [Sum total]{4} 21 3 2

{4} Translated for the first item only.
{6} Total supplied by the transcribers.
{7} Interlined.

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