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Edward Robotham, probate 4th Oct 1577

In the name of god amen, I Edwarde Robothum of the Hollens within the parishe of Glossoppe, countie of darbie, being of good and perfett minde and sound remembrance, make, declare, and ordayne, the 13th daye of Apryll, In the yeare of our lorde Jesus Christe a thousande fyve hundreth three schore 17 my testament and last will be thesse presentes in wryttynge maner and forme followinge: first I geive and [bequeathe?] {1} my soule to god almightie beseakynge and hoppynge by the mediation and merittes of my saviour Jesus Christ to enjoye in soule, and body, att the eternall resurrection the felicitie and blysse of Heiven in the [commicion/coicion?] {2} of Saintes, and I will my bodye to be buried in the Churche of Glossoppe. Item I geive and bequeathe unto Elyzabeth my wyfe the one halfe of my tenement, with all comoditeis and profyttes theirto parteinynge as longe as she lyveth and keepethe herselfe wyddowe and in my name but yf she mary or otherwyse miscarie, then to avoyd of my tenemente. Item I geive and assigne the other halfe of my tenement with all comodyttes and profyttes therto parteininge unto my sonne Edward Robothum, after also the decease or mariage of my wyfe Elyzabethe then I geive my whole tenement unto Edward Robothum my sone with all commodytes and profyttes therto belonginge with the lease of the same, also it is my will and minde that yf Edward Robothum my sone doe departe this lyfe without yssue male Lawfully begotten, that is to wytt, with out [man/male?] {2} childe, then it is my will that Agnes Robothum my daughter shall have my whole tenement. Item I geive and bequeathe unto Elyzabeth my wyfe the thyrd parte of my whole goodes bothe movable and unmovable and all the reste of my goodes after that I am broughte fourthe and all my dettes beinge dyscharged and payde: [remayne to my sone Edward, Item it is my mynd and wyll that Edwarde my sone shall Have the reste of all my goodes. Item I geive unto Agnes Robothum his syster the whole some of £30 of good and lawfull Englyshe mony, and that she shall have the some of £30 aforsayd payd her att suche tyme as she commethe unto mariage or els dothe stand need of it, and that she shalbe appareled and areyd honestly bothe in suche apparell as appertayne unto the bodye and also suche as partayne unto a beed: also it is my will that yf [Annes?] {2} my daughter do depart this lyfe befor she com to mariage, then her portion of goodes shall remaine unto Elyzabeth my wyfe and Edward my sone/ This is the dett which I Edward Robothum do oughe;/ unto John kyrke fyve poundes 6s. 8d. Item it is my will and minde that after I am broughte fourthe and my dettes payde and all funerall Costes dyscharged, made and done of my whole goodes then all the rest of my sayd goodes remainynge, what or in whose handes, custodye or keepynge soever it or they be shalbe devyded betwyxt my wyfe, and my sone Edward, accordynge as is expressed befor in this my testament and last will I make thesse my trew and lawfull executours, that is to witt Elyzabeth Robothum my wyffe and Edward Robothum my sone, to see that this my will be satisfyed and done, accordynge to the trewe intent and meaning hearof/ also I make Nycholas Kyrke and Charles kyrke to be overseers of this my will, Thesse beinge wittnes John Robothum, Reinould Hybbart, Edward Robenson Curate with others./

This is the true Inventorie of all the Goodes and cattell bothe movable and immoovable of Edward Robothum of the hollens within the parishe of Glossoppe Countie of Darbie latly deceasede pryssed by four honest men to wytt Thomas Heiward Robart Goddart Otywell bramall, John Robothum with others/

  £ s d
Inprymis 2 Oxen 4 0 0
Item 2 bulluckes   53 4
3 kye and a calve 4 13 4
2 Heiffers   53 4
2 Styrkes and a calve   30 0
a mare and a Coult   40 0
one old mare   13 4
fyve Sheepe   13 4
3 lambes   4 0
2 swyne   13 4
in beddynge   33 4
in brasse and pewter   20 0
in woodden warre   20 0
in husbandrye warre   6 8
in apparell   6 8
in Come and heye 4 0 0
Summa totalis 26 0 8

The dette which I Edwarde Robothum do owe, is £5 6s. 8d.

{1} Damaged.
{2} Illegible.
{7} Interlined.

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