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Edward Bore [Blore]: probate 11th February 1597 [1598] {5}

A true Inventorie of all the goodes and Catalles of Edward Bore late of Wytell deceased in the yeare of our Lorde god 1597 praysed by Raphe Armefelde, Thomas Stafforde, Raphe Bowdon, and Roberte Hyde the seconde of februarie./

  £ s d
Foure barren keyne, and one incalfe cowe 9 0 0
One Cofer and one little arke
5 0
One oulde coverlet, one oulde blanket, one paire of Sheetes of hempe and a boulster
13 4
his apparell, purse and girdle
23 4
In monie
45 0
Debte due to him by Roberte Bowre
38 3
his owne brother John Bowre
42 0
William Mellor of Snapehaye
8 8
Roberte Hyde Curate for a Yeares Wages
20 0
Three quarters of the yeare more wanteinge one fortenighte after the same wage {b}

John Hyde of Longelie the yonger for the Hyre of a Cowe one yeare
4 0
for the same Cowe betwixte Candlemas [2nd February] {5} and Easter after the same wage {b}

John Hyde of Harthill for the Hyre of towe keyne dewe to be paide at maye daie
9 0
Raphe Armefeilde of brodhurste for a Cowe Hyre dewe to be paide at Mayedaie
3 4
Nicholas Bradley of brookehouses
2 0
Sume totalis 20 4 0
{5} Date of church festival.
{a} Blore in the Lichfield Calendar but not in the documents.
{b} No amount shown for these items.

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