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Agnes Andrew, probate 13th April 1575

In the name of god Amen the 25 daye of Januarye in the 17 yeare of the Reagn of oure Soveraign Ladye Elizabethe by the grace of god quene of Englande Fraunce and Ierlande deffendor of the faithe etc./ Anno domini 1575 I Angneys Andrewe Late the wyffe of wylliam Andrewe of Hoole Howsse in Ollersette decessyd Sycke in bodye Hoole of mynde dreadynge the uncertene Howre of deythe/ And gyvynge Lawde and preasse unto allmyghttie god/ do Ordein And Made this my presente Testemente and Laste wyll in Maner And forme followeynge/ Fyrste I Offer and bequethe my Soole unto all myghtte [god] {7} my Onlye Savior Maker And savior and Redemer/ trustynge in godes Marcy to be Savyde At the Laste daye of Judgemente/ Also I wyll my bodye to be Buryede in the parishe churche of glossoppe nowe where I ame A parissyoner in suche A convenyente place as shalbe thowghtte mette by my Executeres under wrytton// Also I wyll and bequethe unto my Master master Bearde of bearde/ my Beste goodes quycke or deade by the name of Hys Harreotte/ Item Robertte Bredburye of kynder my sonne in Lawe duthe owe unto me 20s. Item Rawffe Andrewe my sonne duthe owe unto me/ £4 10s. for tow bwllockes// Item the saide Rawffe duthe nowe owe [me] {7} presentlye/ 13s. 4d.: Item Thomas Andrewe duthe owe unto me 26s. Item Rawffe Mellor of the [Loghttun?] {2} 4s./ Item Ambrosse smythe 2s. // [Item I gyve unto nycolas Andrewe my sonne 40s. more then hys parte Cumes unto of my goodes At thys presentte tyme//] {7} Item I gyve unto Ales Bredburye my be goune, A hatte and A cape and my beste carshne/ and my beste peare of howsse and showne and yette A peatycotte/ Item I gyve unto/ Anne/ Andrewe my dwghter/ A peticotte clothe/ Item I gyve to Fore chylldren of my sonne Rawffe/ To everie of theym chyldren A Lambe/ Apece/ Also tow of the 3 chyldren of Robertt Bredburye everye of theym A lambe Apece Also I gyve unto tow sones of John Bawdon 12d. Apece/ And also John Benette duthe owe unto me the Sayd Angnes/ 6s. 8d./ Also wheare I have to come certen yeares to come of A certen medowe Taken of nycolas Bredburye of Ollersette whosse sole god pardon/ That I gyve unto 3 sones to be devyded Equallie Amownxtte theym durynge all my intereste/ whosse names Followethe/ william Andrewe/ Ottwell Andrewe/ and nycolas Andrewe// Also I gyve unto my forsaid thre sones/ william Andrewe Ottywell Andreue and nycolas Andrewe/ A Fetherbede/ A grette Arke/ and A panne to be equallye devided Amownxtte theym/ And where as I the said Angnes do dey At the howsse of Robertte Bredburye/ Then the sayd Robertt Bradburye shall notte Requyer no Harriotte for the said Angnes// And of thys my Testamente and Laste wyll I Make my Executores Herof william Andrewe And John Bawdon the Elder of Chyinley Howsses/ And I Ordeyin And Make my supervisores Herof my Master Bearde of Bearde gentyllman/ and James Caryngton of budgeworthe to se that thys my Laste wyll and Testamente be performyd in all Causses as my synguler truste and Confidence ys in theym/ Thes wyttnesses/ Thomas Rawlynson the yoner/ Charles Bawdon// John {a} Hadffelde of the netherclyffe with other///

The Inventorye of all the goodes and Cattalles of Angneys Angneys Andrewe of the Hoole Howsse in Ollersette decessyd and presed by us/ Ottwell Andrewe/ Rawffe Mellor Rycharde Selvester and Renolde potte the 6 daye of Februarye in the 17 yeare of the Reign of Our soveraign Ladie Elizabethe by the gracce of god of Englande Fraunce and Ierlande quene deffendor of the faithe etc// Anno domini 1575//

  £ s d
In primis tow kyne   53 4
Item 12 wetheres   36 0
23 owes shepe   50 0
A narke   6 8
A panne   13 4
A Fetherbede   8 0
Suma totalis {b} 8 0 0

{2} Illegible.
{7} Interlined.
{a} Bawdon - deleted.
{b} There is a character of uncertain reading before £8 which may be "x" which would give an incorrect total of £18.

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