New Mills Local History Society

Garside Scrapbooks

These 12 scrapbooks were kindly donated to the Society by Mrs Pam Gee and are numbered D983/1 to D983/12 in the Society's archives. They were compiled by Messrs Luke, James and Sam Garside of Hayfield and contain newspaper cuttings and other items, mostly concerned with the history of Hayfield, New Mills and district, mainly from the period 1863 to 1974. The scrapbooks were scanned by Ian Smith in 2012 and early 2013 to produce searchable pdf files. These files are made available here through the additional efforts of Roger Bryant and Barry Dent. Many of the pictures contained in the scrapbooks have also been scanned separately: copies of these pictures can be found on the picturenewmills website under reference numbers n07754 to n07893 (image sets P2500 to P2509 in the Society's archives). The scanning was paid for by donations from many individual members of New Mills Local History Society and by a donation from Hayfield Civic Trust. In particular, the scanning of Volume 3 was paid for by Alan and Carol Gibson, Volume 4 by Derek and Alice Brumhead, and Volume 5 by Roger and Margaret Bryant. Several other major donors wished to remain anonymous. The Society is grateful to all these people.
The years mainly covered by each book are shown below. Book 12 also contains some church service leaflets, 1814--1820, and a list of "fifteens" (rents or taxes) in Phoside, Great Hamlet and Kinder, 1704/5.


Text files are large, PDF files are massive !
n.b. The text files are not particularly accurate at this time (the software struggles to read old newspapers etc.). Hopefully in time this will improve.

Book 1 (1875-1917)
Text file (0.8Mb)
Pgs 1-25 (20.7Mb)
Pgs 26-50 (20.8Mb)
Pgs 51-75 (21.4Mb)
Pgs 76-99 (20.2Mb)
Book 2 (1884-1908)
Text file (1.0Mb)
Pgs 1-32 (27.7Mb)
Pgs 33-64 (28.5Mb)
Pgs 65-96 (27.0Mb)
Pgs 97-128 (24.3Mb)
Book 3 (1930-1935)
Text file (0.5Mb)
Pgs 1- 32 (30.6Mb)
Pgs 33- 64 (34.4Mb)
Pgs 65- 96 (34.8Mb)
Pgs 97-128 (34.3Mb)
Pgs 129-156 (37.4Mb)
Book 4 (1895-1968)
Text file (1.3Mb)
Pgs 1-22 (13.0Mb)
Pgs 23-44 (15.0Mb)
Pgs 45-66 (14.5Mb)
Pgs 67-86 (12.3Mb)
Book 5 (1892-1935)
Text file (1.1Mb)
Pgs 1-25 (18.8Mb)
Pgs 26-47 (21.9Mb)
Book 6 (1863-1918)
Text file (1.6Mb)
Pgs 1- 31 (31.8Mb)
Pgs 32- 62 (26.4Mb)
Pgs 63- 93 (26.9Mb)
Pgs 94-124 (24.9Mb)
Pgs 125-153 (24.7Mb)
Book 7 (1922-1950)
Text file (0.3Mb)
Pgs 1- 26 (23.2Mb)
Pgs 27- 52 (27.8Mb)
Pgs 53- 78 (22.1Mb)
Pgs 79-102 (24.7Mb)
Book 8 (1865-1929)
Text file (0.3Mb)
Pgs 1-26 (21.7Mb)
Pgs 27-52 (22.2Mb)
Pgs 53-78 (22.3Mb)
Pgs 79-102 (19.8Mb)
Book 9 (1878-1918)
Text file (0.5Mb)
Pgs 1- 26 (29.7Mb)
Pgs 27- 52 (21.7Mb)
Pgs 53- 78 (21.7Mb)
Pgs 79-103 (21.1Mb)
Book 10 (1886-1901)
Text file (0.5Mb)
Pgs 1- 26 (19.6Mb)
Pgs 27- 52 (22.5Mb)
Pgs 53- 78 (34.0Mb)
Pgs 79-103 (21.7Mb)
Book 11 (1886-1932)
Text file (0.8Mb)
Pgs 1-22 (16.7Mb)
Pgs 23-44 (13.1Mb)
Pgs 45-66 (13.0Mb)
Pgs 67-87 (11.6Mb)
Book 12 (1905-1974)
Text file (1.1Mb)
Pgs 1-35 (32.0Mb)
Pgs 36-70 (28.2Mb)
Pgs 71-105 (33.4Mb)
Pgs 106-140 (42.0Mb)
Pgs 141-175 (26.6Mb)