New Mills History Notes (A5)
N01 New Mills in the 1820's - Part 1 £1.25
N02 New Mills in the 1820's - Part 2 £1.25
N03 Whitle Enclosure £1.25
N04 The Mills of New Mills Unavailable
N05 New Mills (1830-35) Unavailable
N06 Railways of New Mills and District Unavailable
N07 Turnpike Roads and Riots £3.25
N08 The Lost Mills of Rowarth £1.50
N09 The New Mills Tithe Award (central area only, inc. map) £2.95
N10 Deeds of New Mills and District £1.25
N11 The Peak Forest Canal: Upper Level Towpath Guide Unavailable
N12 A History of Providence Congregational Church, New Mills £1.25
N13 Memories of Strines £2.35
N14 The Lost Chapel of Rowarth £1.50
N15 The Coal Mines of New Mills Unavailable
N16 Bowden Middlecale - The Occupants of the Land Unavailable
N17 More Deeds of New Mills and District Unavailable
N18 New Mills 1835-39 £1.25
N19 Three Local History Walks £0.90
N20 New Mills Co-operative Society 1860-90 Unavailable
N21 The New Mill and some other Corn Mills of High Peak £1.50
N22 The New Mill Air Raid: Friday 3 July 1942 Unavailable
N23 The Peak Forest Canal: Lower Level Towpath Guide Unavailable
N24 The Living Past: New Mills People in Late Tudor & Early Stuart Times £4.25
N25 The Downes Family, Husbandmen of the New Mylne, 1571-1679 £2.25
N26 A Lifetime at Strines Printworks £3.75
N27 The Hayfield Union Workhouse £3.25
N28 Men of Property: The Bowers and the Newtons £3.25
N29 New Mills and the Edith Nesbit Connection £3.50
N31 The Ollersett Waterworks 1831-1907 (A4 format) £3.75
N32 Some Deeds of Bugsworth and Furness Vale £2.25
N33 Miscellaneous Deeds of Mellor, New Mills, Hayfield and District £2.25
N34 Mr. Newton and Mr. Taylor – Life at Aspenshaw Hall in the 1830's £2.00
N99 Roads and Bridges of New Mills 1760's - 1880's (Reprint from Vol107 Lancs & Ches Antiquarian Soc) £2.00

Occasional Publications (A4)
OP01 Gravestone Inscriptions: St.Georges Rd Methodist Cemetery Unavailable
OP02 New Mills and District: A Look Back Unavailable
OP03 The Peak Forest Canal: Its Construction and Later Development Unavailable
OP04 Church of the Annunciation St. Mary's Catholic Church New Mills; graveyard records £1.50
OP05 Ollersett in 1841; Land and people £3.25
OP06 New Mills in 1851 and 1881 As Seen Through The Census Returns Unavailable
OP07 The Mills of New Mills (revised edn.) £4.95
OP08 The Enclosure of Thornsett £3.25
OP09 Thornsett in 1841: Land and People £3.25
OP11 Where Two or Three Are Gathered Together - A History of St. Paul's Church, Strines £7.50
OP12 Newtown: The Growth and Development of an Industrial Suburb in the Nineteenth Century £3.50
OP14 Whitle in 1841: Land and People £3.50
OP15 Historic Landscapes of Mellor £3.50
OP19 The Strines Valley £6.50
OP20 The coal mines of New Mills £7.50
OP21 Brookbottom 1640 to 1940 £5.50
OP22 Market Street, New Mills 1899-1912 £5.50
OP23 The History of Electricity in New Mills £5.50
OP24 The Railways of New Mills £3.00
OP25 The Bridges of New Mills £5.00
OP26 Lost Buildings of New Mills £5.00
OP94 The Rebuilding of St.Matthew's Church, Hayfield, 1817 -1819 £2.50
OP95 Mothering Sunday 30th March 1851 - A Window into Churchgoing in Northern Derbyshire £2.00
OP96 1885 - The General Election in Derbyshires High Peak £3.00
OP97 The Reverend Ricketts Raymond Ricketts £7.50
OP98 Abel Buckley Wimpenny £5.00
OP99 DVD - New Mills Parish, 27th.August 1987 £5.00